Let me tell you about the time I….was shocked by The Boy

So if you haven’t noticed, I’ve been a little out of sorts for the last two weeks.

This was due to The Boy being….well, The Boy.

You see, we are very, very opposite people.

He’s a mellow brooder with the charm of a Charm God …or something.

I am a dramatic-expressionist with the the temper of a rollercoaster.

He never really worries, because he has shockingly good luck and everything just works out for him.

I am a giant Stress Head, who has ranted on several occasions about everything in the world ganging together to torment her.

He has a very boring taste in food and a fear of the culinary unknown.

I will try anything and love a number of strange food combos.

He is a French Hottie, with the hair of a God.

I resembled a turkey for the first two years of my life and have a white-girl afro that I struggle to hide.

Everyone who meets The Boy falls madly in love with The Boy.

I am very blunt and “get away from me because you annoy me”-ish…a human hedgehog, if you will.

He likes computer games, football, hanging out in the pub and being a Lad.

I love writing, literature, photography, acting, old movies, art and fashion.

We do both enjoy How I Met Your Mother and Lady GaGa…

…and that’s where the similarities end.

So understandably, our relationship can be a tad “tempestous”, to borrow from the vocabulary of a soft porn novel.

Generally we’re grand, because when something happens, I go BLAH BLAH BLAH for about 5mins and then I forget about it cos I’ve said what I wanted to say and I go back to normal.
The Boy is just relieved at this point that nothing has been thrown at him.

So we’ve been fighting for nearly two weeks now, because I told him about something I was worried about, he made it all about him and all hell ensued.

Bless him….he’s so loved by all around him, he finds it hard to concentrate on people who aren’t him sometimes.

Lol, he’s going to go mad when he reads this, but please note that 97% of the time he really is The World’s Most Perfect Boyfriend, and even though most girls say that, I’m actually right because he has made me his life and is astonishingly thoughtful almost-always.

But anyway!

After some Oscar-worthy theatrics on my part and some sulking on his, we EVENTUALLY put things right last night.

There were hugs and kisses and I Missed Yous.

And then ….

….just before we were about to go asleep…

….after enjoying the first few moments of peace we’ve experienecd together in TWO WEEKS…

…he said, under the guise of a joke….

“Well, really this was all kinda your fault by telling me about X….”

I am deadly serious.


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22 responses to “Let me tell you about the time I….was shocked by The Boy

  1. Ohhh, so he’s a “last-worder,” eh? Sigh. Men.

    • Lol, he’s not even a ‘last-worder’…..he’s just a “This will be a great thing to say to break the tension ….” kinda guy! I am VERY much a ‘last-worder’…it’s a disease!

  2. lol The Boy is a FOOL! He needs to know that the girl MUST have the last word lest he be showered in the venom of a pissed off girlfriend! His heart was in the right place though even if his head wasn’t lol

    Bless him though and all his French ways. He has fab taste in TV shows and NO Hermia – tsk – Your hair does not look like a turkey. Silly old bean.

    • Lol I know….he means well, but it does NOTHING for my peace of mind!lol!

      And lol my hair doesn’t look like a turkey….it was me in general that displayed turkey-like attributes! 😛 The hair is just really big and afro-ish….my mother didn’t believe in preserving curls when I was younger, so she brushed the bejaysus out of it so it was a GIANT ball of frizz! *sigh* I’m still in therapy over that….

  3. uhhh, men!! At least you wrote about it!

  4. You should never worry about your partner being a completely opposite person to you. Relationships are not built on mutual likes, because that’s incredibly boring and we need diversity.

    To paraphrase Y: The Last Man, successful relationships are based on mutual hate. Nothing brings union like a common enemy, disliked celebrity or bad experience in that fast food place. You know the one.

    My most successful relationship to date was with a girl who was nothing like me in any way. I sat through Hairspray 9 times, which is 16 more than any heterosexual male should. She endured endless hours of me burning out my Xbox because there are some things you just can’t get from a woman. And we were happy for a long time.

  5. Silly buttons! Glad things are back on track though…right? Also I really want that signpost to be real. And to go there. Sigh.

  6. emily cross

    aw Men!

    But you’ve had the last word (god bless the blogosphere)

    Glad things have worked out!

  7. boys are silly.bob is not a perv

  8. Boys. Silly, silly boys.

  9. I feel your pain. Yesterday Mr D made my sister cry by saying that she lays in bed all day. She works two jobs and made dinner for us all. He thought it was a joke. We did not.

    I just think men are so simple, they don’t seem to understand when to let it go.

  10. Ha! This made me laugh a lot. I love being offended by boys! (joke love)

  11. Sarah Hannah

    ahhh boys. silly, silly creatures. or maybe we are the silly creatures, since they just fail to understand us. most of the time.

  12. It appears I am the only man to respond to this blog. Luckily I brought the Walls of Troy with me and several packets of chocolate biscuits.

  13. Oh goodness…couldn’t he leave well enough alone? lol

    Happy Friday!

  14. Oh you, I’m sure you are the opposite of how you described yourself. And I’m sure The Boy is an ultimate Charm God. Haha.

    Oh, regarding HIMYM…I think I want a yellow umbrella. Hahaha!

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