Fantabulous Foto Fridays

So as I mentioned last week, Fridays and Saturdays seem to turn the blogosphere into a ghost town.

I was debating whether or not I should blog on these days, as I only have so many hilarious anecdotes in me and should I really be wasting them all on days none of you will be reading?

Of course not.

My talent is too awesome to waste.

(I am so very much joking here)

So I think I’m going to turn Fridays into Picture Post Day!

I need a wittier name though.

Maybe some alliteration…

Oh how about Foto Fridays, cos everyone loves a good misspelled word for the sake of a catchy name!

Not flashy enough.

Ooooo Ooooo…..Fantabulous Foto Fridays!!!!!

So yes, henceforth, I will be posting some of the lovely pictures I’ve built up over the last few months every Friday.

What do you mean “What if I want to read something amusing or at least really embarrassing on a Friday?”!!??

You know where my archives are, so shooo!

I’ve been up since 5.30am today for work, so I don’t have to look too hard for inspiration for today’s picture collection….



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14 responses to “Fantabulous Foto Fridays

  1. Good idea m’dear! I’m definitely feeling those photos today myself


  2. ooh i come home from school every friday and get straight into bed! just cuddled up and saw this post! lovely! x

  3. i approve…i know that means the world to should :p

  4. great idea and loverly photos xx

  5. The weekend is a blogging ghost town indeed. Beautiful pictures though 🙂 I think your tales are best saved for weekdays anyhow! They certainly perk up my school drudgery. xo

  6. these photos ARE fabulous!!

    and fridays are so weird about blog traffic being so light. i get the saturday slow thing, but friday morning and afternoon? seems like bloggers should be out and about. weird.

  7. Oh I hate blogs being quiet on weekends!! I love curling up with the papers and having a flick through the all the blogs on sundays but there’s never any new posts!:(

    I saw you made it into the top 5 nominees of the blog awards!! Well done! fingers crossed for you!!

    • Yeah the weekend is the only time I can properly sit down and enjoy blogs and there’s nothing to read at that stage! We should start a campaign, lol!!!
      And thanks so much….I’m still in shock!

  8. clara

    oooh, i too approve i do love a good photo filled post!!
    And im seriously in love with that first photo, it just pulls you in, in a voyeuristic kinda way 😀

  9. I’m going to love fashionable photo fridays!

    PL ♥

  10. I’m going to love fantabulous photo fridays!

    PL ♥

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