Let me tell you about the time I…found The Boy looking very suspicious

It’s my first time back on the Posting Horse since I made the finalist list for Best Personal Blog in the Irish Blogging Awards and NOTHING seems worthy enough to be written about!!!

It was posts like The time I felt up The Boy’s Granny and The time firemen broke me out of a bedroom that got me to this stage, and I think they might have been the only funny things to ever happen to me. Ever.

A crisis of confidence  has ensued, made worse by the fact that one of the other finalists in my category is currently referring to me as A Chick Named HERNIA….nice.

But nevertheless, the show must go on……Queen were SO wise….

My brother’s 19th Birthday was on Friday (jaysus, I feel like such an old person now), so in long-running Hermia’s-Family tradition we all got together for a family dinner, which was topped off by an AMAZING raspberry cheesecake that looked like it was bought in a shop but was made by Ma!

This story is not about cheesecake though.

I think it’s the first time since we moved in together that The Boy has had the apartment to himself for a whole evening, because we’re both normally out on the same nights, so I was a little curious as to what he’d get up to when I wasn’t around: crazy parties, naked dancing, who could tell?

Getting into the lift in our apartment block, I sent him a quick text saying In Lift….it was mainly so he’d open the door for me and I wouldn’t have to search through my bag for 10mins, but also maybe a way to prevent me walking in on an uncomfortable scene involving magazines,women’s clothes and whipped cream…. (well I’m not a BOY…I don’t know what they all get up to during their private time…)

So I get to the front door, and dammit, he hasn’t taken my hint and I spend the obligatory HOURS searching for my keys.

Into the apartment I walk, and doing my best sleazy man impression I say…

“Hey Babay!”.

The Boy: *silence* Uhm hey…

Oh Jesus, I’m thinking, I haven’t actually walked in on…

Me: *hanging up coat* Is everything OK?

The Boy: Uhm yeah…

Me: *walking into sitting room* Are you sure?

The Boy is lying out on the couch, fully clothed, with Floyd (the Kitten, not some random guy) lying on his lap.

The Boy: *looking a little guilty* Yeah.

Me: Did you get my text.

The Boy: Uhm yeah… *looks REALLY suspicious*

Me: Are you sure you’re OK?

The Boy: Yeah. How was dinner?

Me: *looking around the room suspiciously* Yeah, it was good. What were you doing?

A staring match ensues.

I win.

The Boy reaches into his jeans pocket and pulls out….

Me: Why did you have two apple cores shoved in your pocket?

The Boy: Uhm….well I thought you parents were coming up….

Me: ….so you shoved apple cores in your pocket?

The Boy: Well they were on the table and it looked messy and I didn’t want to move the cat….

Me: ….so you shoved apple cores in your pocket?

The Boy: Eh….yeah…..

Me: Why did you think my parents were coming up.

The Boy: Cos of your text.

Me: ….but I just said I was in the lift.

The Boy: Yeah, I thought you were warning me they were with you.

Me: But I’d normally say “My parents are coming up…” if my parents were coming up.

The Boy: Well I thought maybe you didn’t have time to text, and that’s why you just said “In lift”.

Me: But you always text me that when you’re in the lift.

The Boy: Oh yeah….

I think living with my crazy behaviour has turned The Boy into a paranoid wreck……poor dude…..oh well!!!! 😀



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20 responses to “Let me tell you about the time I…found The Boy looking very suspicious

  1. hahaha 😀 oh my… your poor, poor boyfriend.. 😀
    I love your blog!

  2. Kat

    hey, just want to wish you a big congrats to make the finalist list! you deserve it and i hope you win in your category:) and maybe, i might see you there!

  3. lol This amused me no end! I’m thrilled you are a finalist m’dear

    Two things

    1) Where did you get those photos taken? I’ve been looking everywhere for a booth that takes four individual photos in the old skool style but I can only find the ‘one photo four times’ booth!

    And 2) The boy looks exactly as I pictured he would in my head. Is that odd? I think I might actually be the mutant I always feared I was…

    • Oh actually I was having the same problem …there are only ever proper passport photo booths around! So I actually just made The Boy sit down with me this morning, we took some of those close-up portraits in front of a white wall and I made that myself with some free online collage-maker!!

      And ooooo mutants are COOL! I’m an x-men-obsessee!!!!

  4. Yey congrats, how could you not make it, you have a great blog. Mine didn’t make it to the next stage but our team blog did which I’m chuffed about as I’ve been working really hard on it for the past few months (Etsy Ireland)Hope to see you at the awards.

    The poor BOY! My boy gives out to me when I talk about him on my blog. Although I did get him to model for me once, he hated it,but I thought he looked super hot!

  5. Tell Greg it’s fiiiine… I shoved an apple core in my handbag last week cos I didn’t want to litter the train (unlike SOME people) and only just found it today when I was searching for chapstick. Gross.

    And *gasp* how dare someone refer to you as Hernia! That’s so rude.

    • I know …..I was named as one of the people he was up against and then he said “I can’t not see HERNIA whenever I read that” ……I was a little …..hurt? …..I think that’s the word …..seemed kinda mean-spirited or something! But ah well….I’m sure it wasn’t meant like that…..

  6. Great idea! Could you send me the link to the collage maker? I may have to improvise myself!

  7. Eve

    Hehehehhehe. I love the apple core part. Its so very random and perfect!

  8. aww poor thing! he’s so cute!

  9. YOU ARE AMAZING and I am so glad you are a finalist! Congratulations darling girl xxx

  10. ashi

    yay! congratulations on becoming a finalist, wishing allll the best!

    this post made me laugh so much, lol loved it =)

  11. Rachel Bothwell

    Bahahaha I love love LOVE this post! I can just imagine his slightly guilty looking face and how awkward he must have felt when he realised your parents weren’t there!

  12. And all the while, the cat is thinking “I SO own these people.” Hahaha!
    Love the B/W photos in the sidebar 🙂

  13. Hahaha! Oh boys… they are funny creatures! That is a cute story tho that he didn’t want to move the kitten… 🙂

    Also CONGRATS on the blog making the final!!! Hope you win!


  14. ROFL! This story made me laugh, it’s so cute. Boys are so weird. (;
    Congrats on becoming a finalist! (L):D

  15. Hahaha… The scenario with the whipped cream would be rather awkward to walk into.

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