Let me tell you about the time I….watched my kitten get…uhm…very excited

I think I should start this by saying I am very much not a kitten pervert.

I do not have a weird collection of kittens posing seductively.

And I visit LolCats purely for the humour factor….

So The Boy came home from his weekly family dinner on Sunday evening.

I had spent Sunday afternoon with my feet up on the couch, sorting through my overwhelmingly large image collection while drinking buckets of tea.

Judy spent this time curled up on the Kitten Chair and Floyd slumbered behind the mattress that’s currently propped up against the wall in the spare room (we’re redecorating….very slowly).

When The Boy came in and plonked down on the couch, Judy suddenly  jumped from the chair and came over to us.

Up she jumped on me, and after sniffing me for a minute and looking terribly dissatisfied, she jumped onto The Boy.

Suddenly she started sniffing urgently at his chest.

“What’s up with her?” I asked.

“No idea,” said The Boy.

Next she began to rub her face off his shirt and soon she was rolling around and stretching out and purring like a motorbike (this was done on The Boy’s chest), all alternated between addict-like sniffing.

“Uhm….” said The Boy looking a little nervous.

“Did you drop food on your shirt while you were eating?” I asked, watching my baby roll on her back like a $10 hooker.

“No, definitely not,” he said, watching her writhe in sheer pleasure.

She made her way to his neck, rubbing her face against it and purring loudly.

“Ringo (to protect his brother’s super secret identity) sprayed some of his aftershave on me,” he said.

I sniffed him in a non-$10-hooker way.

“So he did,” I said.

We watched our increasingly frantic kitten.

“Uhm, you don’t think….you know….that it’s having an effect on her, do you?” I asked.

“Ah no,” he said. “It’s not that….”

“Uhm, she’s acting like cats I’ve seen encouraging male, eh, friends,” I said. “Plus that’s how Cartman’s cat in South Park carried on when she was in heat.”

We watched her for another minute.

“Uhm yeah, I’m just going to take her off you,” I said and I put her down on the floor where she continued to roll around, baring her stomach for all to see.

She tried to hop back onto the couch about 10mins later and when I picked her up, I realised she had rubbed herself off him so much that she know smelled like the aftershave herself.


Eventually Floyd appeared and spent 5mins washing the smell off her.

We all still feel a little dirty….

The Boy has promised never to accept sprays from that aftershave again…..



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14 responses to “Let me tell you about the time I….watched my kitten get…uhm…very excited

  1. emily cross

    HAHAHAHA!!! Priceless

  2. Deary me. Uncomfortable much? At least your kitty… uh… had fun. Oh, what aftershave was it? Mr D has a phobia of all animals so depending on what he gets me for our anniversary will depend on whether I get it or not!

  3. Your stories are so hilarious- I love your writing!

  4. Oh my gosh. This was HILARIOUS. Oh your cat might be giving you competition now… haha

  5. Sarah Hannah

    hahaha so cute! cartman’s kitty hehehe

    i love your little stories

  6. This is so annoying!!! You always got the most wonderful pictures… How come you never run out of them :p Great job! So loving this inspirational blog.

  7. Hahaha I like your kitten! 😉

  8. Haha this post made me laugh so much! Very awkward!

  9. lol, this made me laugh far more than it should have – so awkward!

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