Sun glasses cover up my green eyes…

So it’s Fantabulous Foto Friday, and in honour of me finding what I think is going to be my Summer Song*, today’s theme is going to be Sunny!

And what is this song you ask?

Well, I may be 15 years behind, but I swear I only just heard this song today for the first time and as it made me think of Clueless, which obviously made me feel extrememly happy, I’ve a feeling it’s going to become a favourite during the sunnier days.

It’s the  Spin Doctors’ Two Princes

*previous Summer Songs include Shakira’s Hips Don’t Lie, Bic Runga’s Sway, Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours and Hanson’s Mmm Bop



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17 responses to “Sun glasses cover up my green eyes…

  1. I love this song- haven’t heard it in forever! Great pics too. Happy weekend 🙂

  2. zoe

    beautiful photos. so happy the sun is finally back! love your header.

  3. Kat

    oh i love songs that remind you of the summer or get you in a summery mood! anything florence and the machine reminds me of last summer..and oh what a good summer that was!
    Im beginning to feel kinda summery now:)

    will i be seeing you saturday night, in the lovely town of galway? got my ticket!

    • Argh, unfortunately not! I’m really annoyed, but no one was free this weekend to accompany me and The Boy was ranting about alone-girls being raped and made join cults and stuff, so I decided not to stress him out and I’m going to track it on Twitter and through WR! I’m sad to miss it, but hey, I’ve a terrible Good Loser face so maybe it’s just as well….lol!
      Best of luck to you, Kat!!!!

  4. ooh this has brightened up the dullness of study…have a great weekened..keep me ‘posted’ (thats a real lame blogger pun right there!)

  5. Conor

    Didn’t this used to be on an ad for chewing gum or something? Anyway, never knew its name. Going on my mp3 player now.

  6. fabulous pick! love the songs you listed.

    have a great weekend dear.

  7. whisty

    Hello sunshine indeed! Great pics and… wow that song is 15 years old… Oh my lord, I remember it too and loved it.
    “marry him, or marry me, I’m the one that loves ya baby can’t you see. I ain’t got no future or family tree but…”
    That’s about as much as I can remember I’m afraid… oh dear I’m old!
    I’m off out to find some sunshine!
    p.s. don’t forget to put your clocks forward = more sunshine tomorrow evening! yay!! Summer’s here, summer’s here!

  8. dustjacket attic

    Oh I do know that song, really like it!

    Love your summery pics, that last one is sweet.

  9. looove these images! oh mmmbop. it was the worst song ever wasnt it. in a catchy way.

  10. these images are absolutely perfect. and gorgeous.

  11. Sarah Hannah

    oh god i still LOVE this song. its on high rotation at my place

  12. I seldom leave comments on blogs, but the ideas really rocks, also I have a few questions like to ask, what’s your contact details?


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