Said I wouldn’t call but I lost all control and I need you now

So I’ll get it out of the way now and let you all know that, alas, I did not win Best Personal Blog at the Irish Blog Awards.

I really wasn’t expecting to win (I didn’t even expect to be shortlisted!) but even though the practical part of my mind is saying, Well you KNEW which blog would win that category, there was a little bit of crazy hope that thought just maybe I could be the winner….

You know when that happens?

So although I wasn’t surprised at the result, that meant I was a little disappointed.


And I know I’m supposed to say well done to the person that won, but I’m a terrible loser (like REALLY terrible….The Boy and I can’t talk about Air Hockey after a match that happened 18months ago) and tbh, while I knew he’d win and could see some influential Irish bloggers in his corner, well……

….if I’m honest….

….and I am always honest on this blog….


…the guy kinda p*sses me off.

His blog is really good but there’s just something about his attitude that just always rubs me up the wrong way.

Plus he called me HERNIA!

So that just made the whole thing worse.

Argh, I sound like a horrible person, but don’t hold it against me, Dear Readers…it’s a once-off! Although considering Head Rambles is ripping to tiny shreds right now, I don’t feel TOO mean!

HOWEVER, just as I was feeling down, I saw someone announce on the Awards Twitter Page that White Rabbit had won Best Humour Blog!!!!

And after a VERY excited phone call from her, I was in a decidedly better mood (made even better by a box of Pringle’s), because (and this isn’t a lie or exaggeration) I really felt that when it came down to it, I’d have much rather seen her win her category than see me win mine, because she is one of the most consistent and dedicated bloggers I know!!!

So well done WR, and I know you had to cancel our celebration today, but I hereby decree that we WILL have a belated celebration with chocolatey desserts!! *hug*

A little part of me is glad the awards are over though, because I found myself under increasing pressure these last few weeks. I couldn’t just post a single picture or a pretty dress if I wasn’t in the mood to write because I had to show my personal writing abilities and I just found myself becoming very critical of everything I posted here.

So it’s back to lazy fun blogging!!

On a lighter (and hopefully less bitter-sounding) note, I had a pretty great weekend apart from that!

I spent Saturday showing The Boy’s French cousin around Dublin City. The sun was shining, there was food a-plenty AND after some market-wanderings, I found an amazing tea set in Lucy’s Lounge for only €25: six teacups and matching plates, six cake plates, one milk jug, one sugar bowl and a serving platter!

I’m chuffed!

Today, myself and The Boy made our way to the Dublin Flea Market….I didn’t find anything there, but it was a nice morning and there were some great things….but for other people.

Then after he went to visit his family, I went for a Pampering Shop. Brown Thomas for some Benefit goodies, which included the amazing Dear John moisturiser, and then Lush for an avocado face mask and some bath balls!

OH and in Topshop I picked up a great pale candy green slip with cream lace trimming and a pink chiffon wrap dress…..I look like I belong in Mad Men when I wear it…..Yum!!

The lace shorts weren’t as successful…*sigh* ….does anyone else feel you need to be a teeny stick to look properly flattered in shorts these days???

And now, I’m lying on the couch with my laptop and a smoothie, looking at a pretty bunch of pink and white tulips.

So how was your weekend?


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43 responses to “Said I wouldn’t call but I lost all control and I need you now

  1. aww I’m sorry you didn’t win! You deserved to! But it’s amazing to have got to the shortlist so you should feel so proud 🙂 xxx

  2. Aw I was really sad when you didn’t win, we all cheered when your name was read out as a nomination. On the upside being nominated probably brought you lots of new readers though.
    My team blog (Etsy Ireland) didn’t win either, and I must say I’m pretty disappointed, we all worked really hard. Ah well,I’ll stop sulking later when I eat some ice-cream to help recover from my hangover.

    • I really thought your blog was a guaranteed winner, but you never can tell with these things! And awh thanks….that made me really happy….being cheered for does wonders for your soul! 🙂

  3. I’m sorry you didn’t win, but CAN I HAVE YOUR STYLE? It’s amazing.

  4. Aw sorry you didn’t win!! 😦 I don’t like the winner’s blog at all so I feel you were robbed!! FIX!

  5. I think Best Blog should have went to someone that didn’t win its category. So in a way I agree with that old fart. But only in that one way!

    And I don’t like that xbox blog.

  6. Eve

    You’re blog is the best, no matter if it wins or not! I’m sorry!
    My weekend was lovely! I had a slumber party with a bunch of girls, which I never do, but was super fun!

  7. headrambles

    “that old fart” ??? I am greviously wounded.

  8. ah, your blog is nattier for not winning

  9. this time next year you and i shall be horribly hungover but cluthcing awards x

  10. I love the internet, completely. Yet in all the years I have been on and in it I have rarely smiled so consistently and been so inspired visually as I have been in the last few weeks since I stumbled upon your work here. Thank you, sincerely. Cody

  11. emilycross

    aw I’m sorry you didn’t win *hugs*!!

  12. That sucks Missus, I know how you feel! I got a good buzz off grandad’s post this morning.

    BUT at least a lovely present will be arriving in the post for you tomorrow!!!!!!

  13. Miss Hermia – Even though I was quietly shitting myself about having to collect an award for you, I’m gutted about what happened 😦

    Thank you for your well wishing m’dear. A celebration will definitely be on the cards. I’m sorry it couldn’t happen today so that means it’ll just have to be bigger when we can meet!

  14. My weekend was amazing- all because of the stand-up comedy show I have been to. I have a huge crush on Sugar Sammy. AN ENORMOUS ONE!

    I wouldn’t even dream of being nominated for an award 😀 Lay back and enjoy spring!

  15. Dang, better luck next year m’lady! x

  16. I lost last year, it’s never perticularly nice.
    Sorry about that, better luck next time.

  17. girlfromthehills

    Sorry to hear that you didn’t win Hermia! It does good to vent and admire your honesty – sure you’re only human. There’s always next year 🙂

  18. Hermia, its not about the awards. You write a inspirational, beautiful and insighful blog here and I hope you keep it up in the same style we are used to! (And it was my fav blog out of the contenders as Im sure many will agree…) 🙂

  19. ¡Z!

    Being a guy, I have seen that “HERNIA” thang before…unless off course he’s as bad a typist as I …

    Getting your name wrong, intellectually, can be a compliment from a guy…Sign of respect…dissed….yes…but with respect…

    I DO THIS ALL THE TIME…MEANS I LOVE YOU…except there is one guy over here I continue to hammer with absolutle GroundZero respect….and he know who he is….


  20. ¡Z!

    Love note: I folow your blog through the Blogger Dashboard…just jam the URL in and Ü are always there……!!!!!!!


  21. Oh man, sorry you didn’t win. I’m sure next year will be your year. If it’s any consolation I’m exactly the same, an awful, awful loser. I’ve been banned from playing any form of Monopoly (even kids monopoly) due to… past… games…

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