The pages turn and the tale unfolds…

I’ve had a funny ol’ feeling since the Blog Awards Race ended on Saturday.

It was a feeling similar to the one I had when I finished college.

That something I was working towards is gone and now I feel a little….idle and….unmotivated.

I also have that crazy feeling that I’m free to do whatever the hell I want and no one can stop or judge me!

So I’m messing around with the blog’s look.

I’m a frickin REBEL!

I’m undecided on the new Pinkness. On one hand, it’s nice to have a bit of colour and on the other, I’m afraid it will blind people and chase away my 2-to-3 male readers.

What do you guys think???



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26 responses to “The pages turn and the tale unfolds…

  1. emily cross

    I like it! I think it really suits the ambience of the blog and ties in with your header

    you have my vote (and i don’t even like pink) but it suits 🙂

  2. there’s nothing wrong with a little pink…plus it’s good as an accent color. i try and do a little spruce-up on my blog every now and then as well!
    xoxo alison

  3. I don’t like pink much, but it’s nice here. It seems to suit you!

  4. Eve

    I like it! It adds some color. But then again, I love the way it used to be as well!

  5. i hated when Blaubushka went pink but it suits you.i like it….just home from that stink exam..and have no idea what to do with myself now…mmm cjange the bed clothes perhaps…

  6. Zakerius

    If I’m counted in the 2-3 men I can tell you pink doesn’t put me off,
    looks like strawberry milkshake.

  7. Just out of interest, why is pink a ‘girly’ colour? I have often wondered this when buying baby clothes or clothes for the granddaughter.

    I have nothing whatsoever against pink. I wouldn’t drive a pink car though….

  8. Kat

    i love the new pink theme!
    oh and just want to say that i really enjoyed your post about the irish blog refreshingly honest ..really appreciated:)
    oh and ya, you should have won.

    • Awh thanks…..I didn’t think it was anything special, but I’ll take your compliment!!!lol! I knew would win your category, but I did hope there’d be a revolution and they’d choose the underdog!!! Sorry hun!

  9. ali

    Girl-y, I have been absent from the blog-world for awhile, please please forgive me. I have missed you and your FANTASTIC blog…and everyone else.
    xo ali

  10. Sarah Hannah

    love the pink! yay for pink!

  11. I like the pink its nice. I wish you had of won the award cos I love your blog! You make me laugh and not many people do that!

  12. I like the pink m’dear! You should just change it up every month!

  13. I like the pink, it fits the scheme. And as for the male views – pink is v.v. manly!
    Thanks loads for your help after a few tries, I have actually started and maintained and actual good blog. I just need to get a few readers… lmao!
    Couldn’t have done it with out you!
    Love the pink!

  14. Erica

    WOW! Your blog is really nice! 🙂
    HUGGSSS xx <33

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