What does your blog say about you…

*This is not a feminist rant.

This is an observation piece based on things that have happened during the last few days.

A Chick Named Hermia is strongly opposed to cruelty towards bras….there will be no burning here.

Hermia is also grossed out by hairy legs.

She’s also short on time so this post is a MESS…do try and get the general gist though…

As you know, I went CRAZY yesterday and added pink to my blog’s layout.

You guys showed your support for this bold move and so it was decreed that the pink was here to stay.

I’m a slave to you guys *sigh*

But then I started thinking…

…will those pink sidebars lessen the credibility of the blog?

I felt safe and un-judged in my bland white world of old, but now I feel vulnerable.

Beaut.ie has been given a hard time since they won Best Blog at the Irish Blog Awards.

The main reason?

Because they’re a ‘beauty’ site and therefore, they shouldn’t have been considered for the award as their content is shallow.

Ignore the fact that they have a huge readership, great layout and a team of dedicated writers: they ‘only’ write about make-up.

(Oh and I know there were a couple of other criticisms and I can see the reasoning behind these, but the blog’s content was the main issue pursued by bloggers…I’m also not getting into this ‘begrudger’ labelling because it’s a bloody stupid! )

Among other things, it was written that the content of Beaut.ie plays on women’s insecurities and is pretty much a backwards step for feminism.

News Flash: I don’t wear a bra and foundation because I want to impress guys and I don’t wear them because guys expect me to.

I wear them because they make me look, you know, not hideous and that makes me feel happy.

The Boy thinks I look lovely with no make-up and an old shirt on, but I know he’s just blinded by adoration and my sparkling personality *sniggers* so it’s not like I have anyone putting me down.

I just feel better when I feel I look good!

Nobody, no matter HOW enlightened they are, wants to look in the mirror and see they look like spewed-out crap.


I spend hours shopping and love adding new clothes to my wardrobe because I like pretty things.

There, I said it.

Hi I’m Hermia and I am a girl who likes pretty things.

I also love how a full bookshelf looks, and so I’ve built up a huge collection of books on a variety of different subjects from a variety of authors….hell, there’s even some Tolstoy in there  (no chick lit though!).

If a person becomes an architect, it’s becaue they want to create beautiful buildings, but no one is going to call them shallow or label what they do as ‘superficial’.

Does this mean that it’s only acceptable to make approved items pretty and that list doesn’t include humans?


…since pink is traditionally a ‘girly’ colour and my blog is now pink…

…and since fashion and celebrity gossip are traditionally ‘girly’ subjects and I like to write about them sometimes…

…and since I use so many pretty pictures…

….does that mean I’m shallow and that my blog is ‘fluffy’?

I’ll tell you now, A Chick Named Hermia is much more than that.

Hell, I am much more than that.

Why should the fact I’m interested in fashion lessen the legitimacy of what I say and think?

Does the fact that I rave about the new slips in Topshop (amazingly pretty btw) mean that my blog is less important than a blog that discusses the government?

This blog deals with a variety of topics, from music to abortion to photography to racism. There are amusing anecdotes and opinonated rants and while I mightn’t spend hours turning out prose on clerical child abuse and the health system, this blog is entertaining and the ability entertain is something to admire.

This blog is about my world and girls can think about lace tights AND our banking system …and can even write about both of them.

There are plenty of stereotypical ‘male’ subjects that can be seen shallow, but if a guy posts about sports or cars, no one is going to write him off straight away:  he’s probably going to have something clever to say cos he’s ‘one of  the guys’, so it’s all ‘cool’.

Do the boobs in Head Rambles’ header lessen his credibility as a blogger? Hell no!

Does the pint of Guinness grasped in Twenty Major’s hand lessen the respect his readers have for his opinions? Not a chance….sure, it’s applauded!

But now that A Chick Named Hermia has gone pink, will I be seeing a drop off in views from ‘respected’ and ‘legitimate’ bloggers…?



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36 responses to “What does your blog say about you…

  1. Personally, content is so much more important than what a blog looks like. There are some amazingly well designed blogs out there, but if the content just doesn’t appeal, even though they may be talking about something we’re interested in, then no one is gonna stick around. If a blog is a little shabby around the edges yet has funny, informative material then people will read it, regardless.

    Plus, how superficial if someone was to stop reading a blog based on the background colour!

    Whatever colour you choose, I’ll still read your posts. And I’ll still look like a maniac when I laugh at my iPhone on the train because I’ve just read that you touched your grandmothers booby.

    • Lol, that always happens to me if I’m listening to my usual morning radio show on the train and then you can see people trying to get a look at you!! It also happens in work if I start reading White Rabbit’s blog….my co-workers think I’m nuts!!

  2. Hee hee! Laura said “booby”!

  3. Amy

    I agree with Laura, content of a blog is *way* more important than the ‘look’ of a blog.

    If a blog is very good at writing about fashion, it should not be criticsed just because it is apparently too singular-provided it is written well, and makes interesting points.

    If people purely judge a blog based on its background/font colour etc then they probably aren’t the sort of readers you’d want anyways (:

    • I think the problem is that people associate girly colours like pink with girly subjects like lipgloss, so as soon as they see the colour, they just presume that’s what it’s all about!

  4. I’d like to start by saying well done on this post and a sincere ‘here here’…to like pretty things is not shallow..speaking for myself i can say that the time i spend on blogs is the time or day/night where im looking to rela and indulge in the part of me that shallowed up in my day…writing my own blog helps me keep my creative side that i would otherwise lose whilst studying medicine, the fact i can rant about tweed for two hours will make no less a doctor then a classmate who plays chess to unwind..and this brings me to another point some peolpe think that because you blog your an airhead..my time management has improved greatly since i started, daily chores including general public relations, corresponding with company dept heads, chasing interviews..its hard work not ‘fluffy fun’..

    as children we were told ‘not to judge a book by its cover, now let the world not judge a blog by its layout…

  5. i think if people stop reading your blog just because it´s pink…you don´t need them… you have me 😀 I love your blog and your post help me to thing about something else than myself 😉

  6. I like your new pinkness! And I wear a bra and makeup for the same reasons! 🙂 xx

  7. Eve

    I that no matter what color, your blog will always be the same. People like to put things into categories, girls=pink, boys=blue. But in reality, no one is merely one thing. Pink is dainty and pretty and if that means its a “girly” color thats fine.
    I had the same sort of feeling when I still had the floral background on my blog. You feel like if someone new visits your blog and all they see if the background that they’ll jump to conclusions. They’ll judge it by its cover.
    Ah well, if they don’t have enough time to read, or get to know your blog without jumping to conclusions, who needs them right?
    I love the color.

  8. ali

    I still love you, regardless of colour, make-up…or if you wear a bra or not. 🙂

  9. The colour is definitely irrelevant m’dear. Don’t be worrying 🙂

  10. Here here to that! well said H.
    your blog is well written, witty and interesting. pink or not pink, what more could anyone want in a blog?

    • Thanks Anna…..I think bloggers need to stop associating girliness with apparently “shallow” topics. Just because a girl likes pink and fashion, does that mean she has NOTHING else to talk about?

  11. emilycross

    Do what YOU want!!!

    To hell with the rest of then!!

    Pink is a colour!

    Not a fecking gender statement!

    Would we be having this conversation if you had choosen blue??

    • emilycross

      sorry for all the exclamations 🙂

    • emilycross

      What i mean to say, cause now rereading my reply I’m like “wow”, i look like i’m giving out to YOU when it’s not you (or your post) i’m giving out about – i think it’s good to mention these things.

      what i meant to say is that don’t question your personal choice! Like WR said colour is irrelevant, and if people stop clicking on your blog cause it’s pink then they are being ironic – cause they are judging you by a gender stereotype, which they say they are against.

      Just be yourself!

      And to hell with the rest 🙂

      And please delete my mental comments, i blame the snow and the cold for my lack of coherency

      • I like your comments….they’re fun….I think I’ll keep ’em! 😀

        Oh I’m not questioning me using pink, I’m just addressing the fact that others do! I like the pink, but you know that some new people will come on and say “Oh it’s a ‘girl’ blog!” and leave! It’s sad!

        • emilycross

          Lol. God i was getting worried I offended you there, sometimes i type without thinking coherently!

          I know what you mean about the ‘girl’s blog’ thing, (look at mine for lordie’s sake lol) but I think if you like it, you like it. In the end we’re individuals, grouped by gender.

          And it’s a sad world if people judge another purely based on their taste in template so in the end it’s their loss!

          Offtoic: It would be an interesting thing though to look at and see whether gender stereotyping occurs purely from associating the layout of a page with colour rather than content. . . hmmm. . . lol

  12. I don’t think you have anything to worry about dear, as lovely as the colour pink is I don’t read your blog for the background colour 😛 I read it for the amazing content, your quick wit and fabulous stories. Keep the pink I say!
    (And amen to looking pretty for yourself! It pisses me of when males especially – ones who don’t know me very well – comment on an outfit or high heels or something I am wearing and say crap like “oh you wore those for me?”, no you douchebag I wore them cause I like them, you are not even close to being on my radar to even consider impressing.)

    🙂 love you to bits xx

  13. PS. You so should have totally won the award.

  14. christwithana

    no seriously(:
    you are correct: why cant your blog discuss politics and how cute the new spring lines are?
    its not as if you are saying “looks are the only important thing in the universe and no one should care about the world’s happenings.” whatever genius that totally claims that you are doing this is an idiot. yes i said it; that person is not intelligent.
    so i say keep on doing what you’re doing; you will definitely NOT lose my fanship/readership/whatever the heck its properly called

    ps i was totally gonna knock the pink, but not because of the whole feminist thing; i just dont really like pink…no offense(:

    • Lol none taken! Pink isn’t everyone’s thing!!!

      And yes, it’s frustrating that I know that a lot of new people who visit from now on will see the pink and presume the blog is all about lipgloss! Why is it so unbelievable that a girl likes pretty things, enjoys fashion, likes making herself look nice AND cares about important issues and can tell interesting stories about life!?

  15. Damn straight Hermia!
    The contents of a blog is way more important thatn the appearance, even though it’s important to have your page looking good.
    It is NOT fair to have some thing thats girly or something to do with every day things like fashion considered ‘fluffy and ‘shallow while things like derogatory comments and picturés on peoples posts considered ‘çool’!
    I agree with you almost completely!

  16. I agree with Blau! HERE HERE.

    Actually, story of my life. My blog is pink pink pink and has my frilly dress twirling picture as the header.

    And while I admit that my writing is preeeetty much woman-oriented, I have often feared it may chase off the mere handful of testosterone-filled followers I have managed to collect. Because, you know, no dude likes to be caught looking at a pretty pink page with twirly writing while he’s on the computer.

    Anyways bzzzzzt to anyone who can’t deal with it. They can suck it.

    I will keep reading, as ever. xo

  17. They can suck it. Jeeeesus. I love the venom in that statement.

    You should put that in a banner above the site Hermia

  18. specialista

    hey hermia,

    aww come on… anyone who just reads one blog post of urs would be addicted forever ! i know i am..
    btw, the pink looks lovely…
    i think i wil quote emily hre again..
    they can suck it!

  19. demurelemur

    Digging the pink.

    ‘Do the boobs in Head Rambles’ header lessen his credibility as a blogger?’

    Em, yes actually.

  20. Oh this issue of credibility. If a blog has great content that I get hooked, it’s credible. No matter the subject.

    Pink is LOVE, by the way.

  21. Hey there Hermia,

    Firstly… Wowsers that entry was right on the money and pretty much echoes every thought I have about ‘legitimate’, ‘credible’ and ‘serious’ blogs… Just because NAMA doesn’t feature in every post doesn’t mean our blogs aren’t worthy. Who gets to decide which blogs are worthy anyway?? Surely it’t the readers. And judging by your comments and replies, you have those in spades! Your beautiful images and female-targeted topics are exactly what I like to read for an escape and a laugh and entertainment. Enough of the Anglo Irish Bankers… The world is dull enough thanks!

    Secondly, the Personal Blog award should’ve been yours. Seriously.


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