Quelle horreur!!!!

I am posting about FASHION!!!!


Those of you with admirable intellect, sophisticated taste, a desire for knowledge and an interest in hard-hitting current affairs should turn around and run away from here screaming!

You should also continue to assume that I have nothing between my ears but pink candyfloss of a sparkly nature. This blog couldn’t possibly offer insight into anything of importance to the world, as fashion posts usually indicate the presence of self-obsession and shallowness.

Perish the thought that you could EVER find wit or intellegence on THIS site.

It’s PINK, for Christ sakes!

Old-fashioned narrow-mindedness?

SO 1920s.

Nicole Richie’s new Winter Kate collection?

Eh, amazing!


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16 responses to “Quelle horreur!!!!

  1. Why in Gods name is Emma Watson holding up a small cat coffin?! :O

  2. small cat coffin hahahaa i love it

  3. She looks a bit demented in that picture. *Slightly* disturbing.

  4. ali

    Thank you 🙂
    Emma Watson looks amazing, as always.

  5. Who woulda thunk that the little frizzy haired girl from the philosophers stone would end up such a beauty.

    Btw I totally don’t approve of you not talking about NAMA, and the Dail, and how much the country has gone to shit, I’m gonna stop reading now, the pink was the last straw!

  6. Catherine you always make my day with manys a laugh! Oh the days of CATI!

  7. I like that photo where she’s wearing the top hat!

  8. Is that the Bloomingdale girl herself?
    Emma Watson looks amazing, I must say I love her there, she looks amazingly eccentric!
    I adore the new winter Kate collection, I’ve seen the other pieces too, if only I could remember where!
    I love the third on it’s adorable and the girl reminds me of Taylor Momsen? OMG but i just love what she is wearing.
    The black and whites are so classy!

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