They say it’s your birthday…

Well considering I am the Big 23 today, no prizes for guessing what this week’s Fantabulous Foto Friday theme will be!

I am in a such an AMAZING mood, because The Boy presented me with a weekend in London this morning AND it’s not JUST a trip to London….it’s a trip to London to see THE JERSEY BOYS!!!!!

I’m so unbelievably excited!!!!


Some random side notes:

  • I laughed at a really old woman yesterday cos she looked like a human raisin and had a funny expression on her face, so I’m going to hell.
  • Someone called me H the other day in a comment and I was like, “AWESOME I have a cool blogger nickname,” like Q in the Bond movies….or H from Steps….that’s less cool….
  • I currently smell like vanilla after a bath last night with a Lush Bath Bomb…mmmmm



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31 responses to “They say it’s your birthday…

  1. emilycross

    Happy Birthday, Welcome to the land of 23!!

    I think 23 is a significant number, in my head 19,22,24 are all sort of non ages, the inbetween years between 18, 21, 23 and 25 – which seem more markers to me (God i am strange lol).

    So yeah Congratulations and have an amazing time in London!!

    P.S. Having your birthday on Good Friday sucks though, *hugs*

  2. HAPPY BDY DARLING…I mean H..heehee..your so cool that people mistake you for Shaft..London sounds amazing, you should have at least one amazing weekend before you spend eternity in hell for laughing at old women!!!

  3. Happy birthday!!!!


  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY H! London eh? Jeeeealous 😀 Make sure you get the watermelon sweets from the Topshop pick n’ mix. They are AMAZING 😀

  5. Amy

    Happy Birthday (:

    Have a wonderful time in London and at Jersey Boys (:

  6. Happy Birthday!! Lucky you with London! Mad jealous!

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you,
    happy birthday to you,
    happy birthday dear H (that was me who called you that, wasn’t it?!)
    happy birthday to you!

    23… now you’re definitely too old and wise to party!!

    have a great one,
    anna xxx

  8. christwithana

    happy birthdayy!
    i especially love the last photo, with the girl and HUMONGOUS balloons?
    theres something about it that just so, cute
    haha happy birthday H(:

  9. ashi

    happy birthdayyyyy, hope your having the greatest day 🙂

  10. Happy birthday ! Have a lovely time in London!

  11. Ahhh! You are 4 months older than I am!

    Have the happiest birthday yet!! xx

  12. Happy Birthday! You sound so ecstatic already! =)

  13. A very merry unbirthday
    To me
    To who?
    To me
    Oh, you!

    (Remove the un) 🙂
    Enjoy London you lucky duck!

    Have an amazing time in London! (I’ll look out for you!) 🙂

  15. Thanks for the Happy Birthdays, guys!!! You’re the best readers in the World!!!

  16. Happy Birthday to youuuuu!! that first pic has been my wallpaper/background yoke for months!!random!

  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY DEAR! Hope 23 is fantastic. Enjoy London! Blog it?

  18. Happy Birthday :D!
    lol vanilla

  19. Aww what a fun surprise. Happy birthday! Have a great time in London 🙂

  20. ali

    Happy (late) birthday girl. I hope you had a wonderful day with the bf!

  21. Eve

    Oh my! Happy birthday!!!!!
    Have a wonderful time in London!

  22. I’m so late because I havn’t been online since Friday but Happy Birthday!!!! I believe you should drag your birthday out for a least a week anyway! I hope you have been super spoiled x

  23. Kat

    happy birthday!!! hope you had a great day! and love the birthday themed pics! x

  24. Oh flip, happy very belated birthday Miss H! I assume London was/is brilliant fun!

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