She brought about the fashion for wearing little white gloves…She thought her hands showed her age.

Youth is the best fashion accessory…

If an 18-year-old throws on a vintage tea dress, what do you think?

That she’s stylish?



If a 60-year-old wears the same dress, what do you think?

That she’s stuck in time?

Has to let go of her youth?

Needs a wardrobe update?

If Zooey Deschanel still wears her current wardrobe and keeps her Sixties-inspired haircut when she’s 70, will we still love her and wax lyrical about her vintage style and retro soul?

I’m commended for bold fashion choices now, but if I wear ankle socks with Mary Janes during my Winter Years, will I be carted off to the Old Folks Home because of an eccentric nature reminiscent of What ever happened to Baby Jane?

Is fashion considerate of the ageing process?

Or is it pointless fo women to attempt to look stylish once the laughter lines appear?


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19 responses to “She brought about the fashion for wearing little white gloves…She thought her hands showed her age.

  1. Mmm I think the fashion turns from retro to granny as one ages. But I still want the jacket in the last picture.

  2. I adore the jacket in the first photo. *sigh*
    I believe, that fashion should be fashion no matter the age of the wearer, but in today’s world that is not the case. If a 40 year old woman wore a rather slinky dress that looked great on her in her prime time and still looks great ( by itself) she might be perceived as hoeish or as a mutton dressed as lamb whether the dress was a ‘Stella Mcartney’ or not.

    • As I said to Belle….as you get older you have to stop dressing ‘fashionably’ and start dressing ‘well’! You can’t take chances or really experiment!
      A youthful face and slim figure lets a girl away with every fashionable turn, but the majority of women have to work really hard to ‘work it’!

  3. I think you can be stylish at any age. And it is you who defines your own style. There is a 65 yr old I know who is probably the most stylish woman i know, she is incredible!!!

    • Hmmmmm, I think I feel like older people stop looking ‘stylish’ and they start to ‘dress well’, if you get me! It’s not that older women can’t look good, but they have to safe in their choices and are limited in what they can get away with! I love my style now, but it’s rather vintage, so I know in 20-years-time I’ll have to abandon it because my age will make it look ‘dated’ and ‘frumpy’! It’s so sad!

  4. A problem my mom is very aware of. She’s an extremely stylish 45 year old, but has become much more limited in what she can wear as she gets older. She loves the clothes i wear, but avoids them because she feels like she’s trying too hard to look young. i think the trends that are out at the moment- tea dresses, ankle socks, brogues, satchels, etc, are directed towards young people, so what does that leave to the over 30s? my mom seems to manage pretty well, she should start a style blog!!

  5. funny you should post this, I was watching Cougartown last night (too lazy to flick on honest) and I was cringing at how they portrayed older women!!!shame on them…but in my eyes, people shouldnt really depend on them, I think that you should always go for what suits you, what your comfortable with and what gives you that extra boost during the day, regardless of age. Fashion is all about how to take something and interpret it into your own voice. (deep heehee)

  6. Eve

    That is very true. And odd. Why is it that dressing one way can make you look cool and yet years later that same thing can make you look old?

  7. I feel like I’m always trying to dress like a grandma. I think they have such exquisite style because they LIVED during that time period. They experienced true beauty and simplicity and they earned their laugh lines. Plus, old ladies can get away with wearing crazy pieces and styles because.. well.. they’re old!

    ooo! ALSO, old ladies can wear hats! I wish I could pull that off!

  8. not at all! even if it’s not hip, i plan on dressing how i want my entire life. Quite an interesting question you posed though. Love the photos you threw in too.

  9. MJ

    God I hope not.

    I’m starting to get laughter lines & I’m damned if I’m going to stop caring about *not* being frumpy.

    That said, Mamm-ahh does worry about MuttonDressedAsLamb Syndrome…

  10. I say if you believe in yourself and have confidence, you can pretty much wear anything at any age! Also, accessorize well! 🙂

  11. Damn you. This post is so depressing.

  12. Personnaly, i believe that each of us has a style.Therefore, either you are 20 or 80 you must dress accordingly to your style, as well as your age.

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