Let me tell you about the time I…realised puberty hadn’t passed me by

So yesterday, I was washing my hands in the bathroom in work (yup, I’m all about toilet hygiene people).

After drying my hands, I shot a quick glance at myself in the mirror.

And then I did a double-take.


For the first time in my entire life I looked like a grown-up.

Not in the mortgage-and-kids way.

But in that Hey-you-made-it-through-puberty way!

I remember when I was ten and eleven, the girls who were twenty seemed so grown-up and sophisticated and’ together’.

As I trickled over the twenty age barrier and into my twenty-first, and then twenty-second, year I still seemed exactly the same as I was when I was fifteen.

But when I looked at myself yesterday, gone were the gangly limbs and the crazy hair.

Gone was the round face and the WTF eyeshadow.

I had an actual hairstyle, the type you see on someone who has a good grasp of their hair and it was a my-hair-has-some-character colour.

My face had a sleeker look to it and my figure had an actual shape…and boobs!

I’ve never had boobs!

OMG has puberty FINALLY set in!????

Even my clothes at that moment looked ‘right’ …you know in that way where you know someone truly knows their own style and have spent a long time building up key pieces and tuning their ‘look’?

I know this is a lot to see in the space of two seconds, but it was like I was seeing myself for the first time.

I was that seemingly-confident grown-up(ish) girl.

When did that happen!?

I stood for a few more seconds marvelling at my new-found adultdom.

And then I realised I had a chocolate blotch on my face.




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15 responses to “Let me tell you about the time I…realised puberty hadn’t passed me by

  1. Marvellous. Congrats for making it through puberty alive and well! Tis a horrible experience. You should get a qualification for making it through and becoming a well adjusted adult in my opinion

  2. I still have yet to have this moment…and like I’m 25…let’s hope I hit puberty before ‘the change’ eh

  3. a chocolate blotch on the face always screams maturity to me!


  4. I know it’s going to hit me when I shave my beard. That’s why I can’t shave my beard. I’m an only man trapped inside a young, hairy prison.

  5. Hahaha that actually made me laugh out loud. I’m 19 and I can’t wait for the time when I actually feel like an adult! In fact I think I’ve grown about an inch in the past year 😦 which totally means puberty is not over! haha xx

  6. Oh god Im ALWAYS getting food related blotches on my face. Im almost paranoid when I eat food in public now!! Obviously need to adjust the way I eat!

  7. Is it weird that i’m 18 and the word ‘puberty’ still makes me embarrassed?!

  8. Oooh that was funny, about the chocolate blotch. ”I’m so proud, I look great… different…. oh chocolate!”
    I’m afraid I’ve yet to reach that stage, I’m kind of at the stage before that, you know from little girl to “mature” young adult.

  9. omg that’s such an amazing moment! At least I think it is! Realizing your comfort in your own skin 🙂 x

  10. Eve

    I love those moments! I hope it’ll happen to me one day, and not when I’m like forty! I always felt like I looked younger than everyone else. Hahah oh well.

  11. lol to the chocolate – too funny! but i know what you mean – ive been having those moments more and more lately, but i think more on the emotional side of feeling ‘grown up’

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