19 responses to “Fantabulous Foto Friday and Financial Ruin

  1. Ahh Jesus I love the ‘Hug and then kiss on the side of my head’ hug. Tis amazing

  2. Ah you poor thing! I dread the time when I do this! I am taking out a student loan for this September 😦 It’s sad that I’ll be in debt before I even start my life!! haha xxx

    • I managed to avoid loans during college and for travel, so this is the first time I’ve ever been in debt!….oh wait, I had to borrow some money for a deposit on my apartment during a tough semester in college, but I paid it back and until I did, it was just eating away at me!
      But this is the first time I’ve had official debt!

  3. oh my god story of my LIFE the last week! our dumb credit card agency decided to wait two weeks to charge my account for my payment and well, nicole wasnt ready for it. i felt like such a failure haha but thank god payday was today! that is hands down the worst feeling!! hope youre doing well beautiful1!

    • Credit Cards are a HUGE no-no pour moi….I just know I’d be a fiend! Plus I hate paying tax and interest, so it’d KILL me to have to fork over my hard earned money for massive interest rates for things I probably didn’t really need or could have paid for with cash, lol!
      Good to hear from you, Nicole, it’s been too long! 🙂

  4. Oh God, I do this every month! I just think of it now as an extension of my wages… Without fail around the 24th of every month I start to creep into the overdraft until finally on the 30th when Im very very very in debt, my wages go in and make it all better again 🙂

  5. dannidupa

    These images are lovely and my gosh do I know the art of eluding the overdraft well. Too well.

  6. have a great weekend!!

    also, i don’t think getting the domain messed up anything for me. not that i’ve realized anyways 😀

  7. merde indeed…you shud just buy a camper van and live there with ‘the boy’..think of the adventures..and ye could driver ‘the home’ down to Cork…fun filled friday x

  8. yuck! i feel the same thing anytime i go to the bank to drop off a check and i know they are looking at my cc and my line of credit (which saves me from overdraft fees!) i keep them as low, or at zero, as i possibly can but when i go above.. you better believe i am not so happy about it.

  9. Ok, so I MAY have ignored Blau’s advice to steer clear from you (Don’t ever tell me not to do somthing …I will). And have to say I’ve just been going through your blog and it is brilliant.
    Really, brilliant.
    I’m going to stop before I rant on.
    Thanks- be a-following!

    cheap kicks.

    (P.S. Sorry Blau for not heeding your warning)

  10. Wait …actually- how do I follow? (sorry I’m probably being really thick)

  11. Kat

    ahh fantabulous photos indeed – the romance!
    ah sure, i’d say you’re not alone with the whole in debt thing at the moment…
    it will be fine i’m sure:)


    • Well I get paid on the 23rd and our rent is due on the 9th, so as soon as I get paid, I take out my rent money and leave it in my drawer at home and then lodge it back in on the 8th along with The Boy’s half so the full amount is there for the direct debit. But my head was all over the place this week and I thought Friday was the 8th, when it was actually the 9th! So the rent came out on the 9th and all that was in my account was my regular everyday money, which wasn’t enough and my account went 300 into overdraft! Like, I lodge the rent money that morning so I was only in debt for a few hours, but STILL!

  13. Tehe I know how you feel, as I am the sort to save up all my money in an envelope and make budgets (at 15 the coolness) so when I realise Im broke I am mostly dumbfounded by confused…:)

    Love love love,



  14. Ugh, I think everyone has been there at some point! Money stresses me out like no other! Glad everything is back to normal!

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