Damn right, it’s better than yours

The bus I was taking home yesterday drove by a little shop on Dame St. in Dublin.

This shop is currently being renovated.

And what did the sign say?

Milkshake Bar



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20 responses to “Damn right, it’s better than yours

  1. I saw that too a few days ago, I really hope it’s going to be one of those amazing ones they have in Cork and Galway where they’ll make milkshakes out of Jaffa Cakes or Milky Bars or anything you feckin well want!

  2. These things are too good to stay though. Just like the Pie Café.

    If it is here to stay, I’ll have the cookie cream please.

  3. We have two sweetie shops that have opened in the space of a few weeks, and a milkshake shop opening at the end of the month! All down the high street! Which is like a five minute stroll! A stroll I tell you!

    How awesome!

  4. Oh I love the milkshake place in Galway – Shake! its called I think…

  5. can this be the venue of our next date…end of May/start of June

  6. dannidupa

    You’ve got me googling “milkshake bars in Boston.” Thanks for the craving!

  7. Kar

    First comment I’ve ever left here, but this post was definitely the moment for it… I’m so happy someone is as excited about the promise of milkshakes on demand as me!!

  8. omgomgomg i LOVE milkshakes ♥

  9. OMG, I would be at that place WAY too often if it was in my neighborhood!

  10. Heheheeh,! I just love it when lines from songs pop up in your every day life!
    Gorgeous picture, I want that milkshake!

  11. now that would be a reason to move home from france 😉 let me know how they are!

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