Secret Stories

So I’ve decided to give this idea a go.

For those of you too lazy to click the link (and dudes, I totally get it) I’ll explain it as briefly as I can in this post:

The Project
Secret Stories

What’s It About?
Basically it’s an anonymous project that allows you to submit the rant you haven’t felt you could tell anyone or post on your own blog. It gives you a chance to speak your mind and get things off your chest, all while getting feedback from the Loverly People who read this blog! It can be a rant about a person in your life, something that you’re feeling, something that happened in the past that you can’t get over or something humiliating that you can’t face telling people.

Anonymous, Eh?
Yes it is.

Just click HERE and copy and paste your thoughts into the text box and VOILA!
My email is

Anything else?
Not really….just speak from your heart! And remember, it can be as long as you want
NOTE: Make sure to title your submissions with Secret Stories, because I’m getting some other random stuff added to that account!!

I’ll feature a post or two every week here on A Chick Named Hermia and hopefully it’ll be a lovely therapeutic forum for all you wonderful people!

And remember guys, I don’t take rejection well, so I’d love you all to submit something and spread the word through your own blogs to get people involved!

Sometimes people want to be invisible and noticed at the same time…this is a perfect way for people to say the things they feel they can’t say to people they know and also get support!

It’s your good deed for the day!

Also if anyone can think of a better name for the project please suggest it!!!!!




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18 responses to “Secret Stories

  1. I LOVE THIS IDEA! (you know i’m serious when i use capital letters!)
    i will definitely submit… i’m terrible for bottling things up so this is the perfect outlet. i’m sure plenty of people feel the same!

  2. Kar

    I’m always bottling stuff up, excellent idea 🙂

  3. I love this idea!!! And I know so many things I can rant about 🙂 ohhh I am excited! (I think you are saving a lot of people from causing conflict by doing this!) xxx

  4. PS. I love my little blue monster I always get as my icon!!!

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  6. This is an amazing idea and I’ll definitely be leaving my “rants” to ya 😛

    I made a post about it on m’blog 🙂


  7. I’d have called it ‘Project Shh!’. Just because I like exclamation marks. And projects. And words without vowels.

    Consider it blogged!

  8. Sarah Hannah

    love this idea! im so going to submit something

  9. YAY! Awesome idea! I’m excited to be able to have this at my fingertips if I ever need it. Thanks a lot, Hermia! ♥ 😀

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  12. Hurray! This is such a great idea, I did a little post on my blog too about it.

    Can’t wait to see what the response is like! x

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  14. Like it…but what if people say mean things?!?!

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  16. What a lovely idea! I’m in!

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