When did this happen!?

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Yesteryday, I felt old.

Now traditionally, 23 isn’t considered old, but my God, it can be VERY old.

I was looking for some inspiration yesterday to kick off an attempt at writing.

I was flicking through some of my old books, the ones that inspired me to want to write in the first place, when I remembered my copy of Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret has disappeared about five years ago.

That book was a favourite of mine from the age of ten, so I decided to run to the book shop and get a copy.

I went to the Teen Section and there were no Judy Blume books at all.

I went to the other children’s sections and none there either.

It was all Meg Cabot and Twilight and vampire books.

Where was Judy Blume?

Where was Enid Blyton?

I asked a girl who worked there (about 19 or 20) if they had any Judy Blume books.

“Julie Boom?” she asks.


“No,” I say. “Judy Blume.”

“Dunno,” she says, shrugging her shoulders and looking highly intellegent. “I’ll check de compu’er” ….no one really bothers with the letter T in Tallaght….I mean ‘allag’….

So she types it in and says, “Nah, ‘aven’t go’ i’, sorry!”

I sneak a look at the computer.

She’s typed in “Judy Bloom”.

She’s actually never heard of her!!!!

“Uhm, can you try Blume?” I ask as nicely as possible.

She throws me a look and types it in.

“Oh yeah,” she says. “Dere she is. Yeah, we’ve only go’ one copy of one of her books. It’s, eh, Are you dere, God…”

“Yeah that’s the one,” I say, thanking God for my unusual luck. “Whereabouts is it?”

She rolls her eyes again, and says, “I’ll show you.”

She walks me over to the Teen Section and looks exactly where I looked.

“Well i’ says dere’s one bu’ sno’ dere,” she says.

Eventually we find it on a random shelf below.

Bloody hell, she’s so unknown they can’t even organise her properly!

And the worst part?

The cover was this horrible electric purple with the picture of a cartoon bra on the front.

I’m still horrified….


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25 responses to “When did this happen!?

  1. 23 is NOT old! I hope not anyway, I am fast approaching it myself.

    That is horrifying news about Judy Blume, the youngsters don’t know what they’re missing! My personal favourite was “Forever”… Doirty!

  2. Eimear

    I read Judy Blume and I’m only 17! She’s a brilliant author, can’t believe no one knows her anymore. Have you read Forever? Soo good. Don’t feel old!

    • Forever was her ‘dirty’ book, right? (Oh lol, Laura just said that above you) Yeah I have read it! She has some great books, it’s shocking that so few people know her now! I mean, I know her books are a wee bit old fashioned but the issues she discusses never change even if the times do!!

  3. I used to read all her books! I hate when people tell me I’m old! 22…eh seriously?! 😦 I miss being 21.

  4. Oh wow. I’m seventeen and I grew up with Beverly Clearly and Judy Blume. I haven’t checked to bookcases lately but I must now…

  5. I’ve heard the name, but I’ve no idea what the books are like, but that means nothing cos I’m nearly 28. I was reading Stephen King at the age of 9…it’s what was lying around the house.

    Girls like that are made in a factory, specificallly designed to annoy the living shit out of you. It takes years of training to be that unhelpful

  6. emilycross

    Was it easons?

    I had the same experience in Easons on O’Connel Street. I was looking for a very well known book and the helpdesk looked at me like I was insane!?!?!

    I don’t understand why people who don’t know or like books work in a bookshop??

    • Yeah it was…Eason’s in The Square though, cos I live right on the edge of the carpark (love my apartment…mmmm we need milk….let’s go to the Tesco that’s a 90sec walk from our couch….mmmm I’d like some pizza….let’s go to the Dominos that’s a 2min walk from our couch…etc…etc…).
      And yes, if you work in Waterstones or HodgeFig, you have to know about books or be studying literature in college, but Eason’s will take feckin’ any mess off the street…..”Shakes-who-now”?
      *rolls eyes*

  7. christwithana

    i think you lot are screwy over there, because down here in america, all my friends know Judy Blume, and i’m 16. Haha, that is very sad though; Judy Blume is amazing. Crazy bookshop workers!

  8. I LOVE THAT BOOK! When I was eleven (so only four years ag0) I picked it up for fifty cent in a book sale and I have read it so many times I can quote it now…I love her American style of writing!

    Love love love,



  9. Oh and that is a fabulous idea for people to vent their problems…hi5 🙂

    Love love love,



  10. No no no horror of horrors. No Enid? No Judy? What about Beverly Cleary? Dear god. This is awful. What about Nancy Drew books??! I’m keeping all of the ones I have, they totally FED my SOUL growing up. Eesh. What the what.

  11. Eve

    How awful! I hate it when people have never heard of good books and only know the bad ones! Its so frustrating! I once needed to find a book and the lady bookseller lead me all around the store and then claimed she didn’t have it. Once I went to look on the normal shelf, there it was! Hahaha.

  12. eww thats terrible! every girl should be required to read that book

  13. Wow! I remember everyone reading Judy Blume this or Judy Blume that, but I’m not sure if I’ve ever read it…..
    Can anyone say Customer Service’? I mean come on , I think that girl needs to re-learn it.
    ~Little Owl

  14. Harriet

    Judy Blume’s out of print now practially:(? I don’t think the Babysitter’s Club is around anymore either it’s all about Twilight nowadays.

  15. Kar

    I’m 21 and I still have Enid Blyton books lying around. Forget this Twilight nonsense, when I have kids (many moons away!) they will be reared on a Blyton-Blume diet too!

  16. Hilarious! You feel old at 23? Reverse those numbers, darling, and you have my age. lol.

    I grew up reading Judy Bloom, nothing in the world was better… 🙂

  17. Siobh

    It’s a pity you’re so weirded out by second-hand books, you could get a first edition on AbeBooks. And read all about sanitary belts. (I had no idea what that was all about.)

  18. Judy Blume is the BEST! I recently bought one of her books (Just as Long as we’re Together) and just knowing it’s on my book shelf waiting for me to read it makes me happy!

  19. Dreamer

    I completely forgot that Judy Blume existed until now.. and I agree that every girl should read “Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret”. It captures the awkwardness of that pre-teen year so brilliantly.

    I’m 17 and I still have a copy of “Superfudge” LOL.

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