Let me tell you about the time I…got my first kiss

Ah the first kiss.

One of the most magical moments in a girl’s life.

You spend so long dreaming about it, planning it, imagining every possible scenario…

and then it happens.

And you never forget it.

Like mine.

I was 18,*cough* 15.

It was the night of my Leaving Cert *cough* Junior Cert exam results.

I was at my first nightclub.

And I had loved him for months.

He kissed me.

It tasted of beer and gum.

Eiffel 65’s Blue was playing in the background.

It was a little unorthadox, but still unforgetable.

And then, after not contacting me for five days, he told me he was sleeping with his best friend and thought there might be a chance they’d get together so….laters!

Whatevs duuuuuuude, cos five years later you’re going prematurely bald and I have the world’s loveliest boy to give me hugs and non-beery kisses!




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20 responses to “Let me tell you about the time I…got my first kiss

  1. Ah I love the last photo 🙂

  2. You must have been the most well behaved teenager on the planet!! My parents would have loved you… i was (am?!) a little rascal!

    • Lol I’d like to say it was because I was well behaved, but the reality is that I was just REALLY hideous looking up until the latter half of my 17th year, so I was cruelly cast aside by the male population! I’m completely over it now though … *cries* 😛

  3. No first kiss yet… But I’m looking forward to it being the best moment of my life.

  4. Eve

    How lovely, except the fact of his beer breath and his sleeping with your best friend. It’s so interesting what moments you always remember and the ones you don’t!

    And I’d take Macbeth over Hamlet as well! To bad they don’t offer and Macbeth class at my school!

  5. Mine was terrible & I’m trying to forget it, even at 25. But my second kiss was in a haunted house with a sexy Bolivian & was totally better. 🙂

  6. Sarah Hannah

    i was a week before turning 16 and obsessed with the saying ‘sweet sixteen and never been kissed’. also extremely shy and rather ugly at that point in time. i got insanely drunk at a house party and stuck my tounge down some other insanely drunk ugly guys throat.

    cannot believe i just admitted that.

  7. let me tell you about the time Blau kissed a boy….and her jaw locked!!

  8. The last picture is just lovey.

    And sometimes when you find the perfect person, every kiss feels likes a first kiss.

  9. ha! sounds familiar! gorgeous pictures 🙂

  10. I was a fool and believed at the age of 12 that every other girl in my class had kissed someone. I was 12, he was 16, it was pretty awful, and he was stupid and boring.We went out for about 2 weeks just so I could tell everyone at school that I had a boyfriend. I blame living in the suburbs and having nothing better to do

  11. Eve

    I agree with Anna LOL,…you was a very well behaved teenager…I was much younger when I had my first kiss 🙂

    Cheers: Evi

  12. The first boy I kissed turned out to be gay two weeks later. How’s that for a confidence knock.

  13. Kitty Cat – Been there myself. Its harsh. My first kiss was at a New Years party when I was 14. Drunk off my tits I somehow ended up in the arms of a shaved gorilla


    Beer breath though…horrible!

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