Im only gonna let you kill me once

So it took her nearly 18months, but Diana Vickers has FINALLY released her debut single!

Once isn’t the best tune in world ever, but it’s pretty decent and Diana still sounds like the Diana we knew and loved!

Pity about the video …though I do like the outfit changes …

In other news, my lack of general eloquence can be attributed to the fact that I’ve had 5.30am starts for work for the last week and there is no end in sight as the person I’m covering for is stuck abroad and can’t get home because of this volcanic ash cloud thingy *sigh*

Also don’t forget to submit a post for Secret Stories…we just need a few good stories to get the ball rolling and to inspire more people to open up and use this great opportunity!

Don’t be shy!



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5 responses to “Im only gonna let you kill me once

  1. I actually really like this song! Its definitely one that grows on you…

  2. Yes..finally! I really loved her on X Factor, and she’s still that cute today. But I don’t like the video. I think she’s trying too hard to look sexy and that’s not Diana.
    And btw, I had “Jumping Into Rivers” lined up as a title for my next post…

    Love, Diana

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