Secret Stories Update

Hey guys,

It makes me a little sad to say that Secret Stories seems to be taking a while to gain momentum.

I’ve had one or two submissions so far, but they’re very short and very vague, so I can’t really use them because Secret Stories is about complete honesty.

The idea behind Secret Stories is to tell the story that you’ve kept hidden or felt that you can’t tell people you know.

So basically if you did something you never admitted or felt something that you thought was wrong or embarrassing  or had something happen to you that you couldn’t talk about.

You write a post telling your story.

Write it as a diary entry or a letter to someone.

Secret Stories isn’t a place to be secretive or vague: it’s the one place you’re safe to open up in!

The subject is up to you. It can be about your undying love for your sister’s husband or about the fact that you’re being bullied.

It can be about the fact you hate your mother or that someone did something to you that you’ve never recovered from.

Anything, as long as it helps you talk.

But do write a proper piece.

Please be honest and lay things bare, because as well as helping you, your pieces will help others open up!

Now go write something, submit it HERE and spread the word!!
My email address is

It’s tough getting people to open up (even anonymously, because people can be very suspicious), but I really want to help people and I’d be so sad if I had to give up on this project!!

For anyone looking for ideas, check out LivitLuvit’s TMI Thursday “Post Secret” (which White Rabbit reminded me of). Her’s is a 1-to-2-line anonymous-confession-thingy, but what Secret Stories is looking for is the full story…everything you thought and felt!



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16 responses to “Secret Stories Update

  1. I love the idea Hermia but I just don’t think I could do it! xxx

  2. Cookie

    Done and done . sorry about the length. i hope it catches on good to get it off your chest!

  3. Eve

    I love the idea! I put a link in my most resent post. I think maybe people need something to come up before the can write. For example they need an event to come up in their life that they need to write about! Maybe after the first post you’ll get more entries!

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  5. Brilliant idea Missy 🙂

  6. I have stories and stories and stories but study seems to have me on writer’s block alert at the mo, there will be plenty coming your way soon x

  7. Zakerius

    There’s a mix of two reasons I haven’t sent you anything:
    #1 I have almost no secrets, I really do tell people almost anything they ask about, to my own cost alot.

    #2 Anything I do have has a price on it too high to have it let out in the light.

    But if I’m going to spill any beans this project will be the first to hear about it.

  8. oh, this is such a wonderful idea!
    i shall definitely be emailing you in the coming week/weekend!

  9. Oh, this sounds very interesting. I will definitely submit a secret story!

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  11. Sahara

    I’ve just sent off my story.
    Very sorry about the length…

    Even if you don’t put up my story, I think that this idea is great (:

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