But I keep them in a box under my bed

So last night I sat down at my laptop, all set to sort out my life and determine my future career.

And then I thought about the fact that I really want a Polariod camera, so I went onto Amazon and Ebay.

Unfortunately, the price of film squished my Polariod camera dreams.

But refusing to be kept down, I wondered if I could find software that could make my phots LOOK like Polariods, because that would still be pretty awesome.

It was then that I found Poladroid, and lads, sure it’s only amazing!

You get a Polaroid camera for you desktop and you just drag your pictures into it!


Out pops your new Polaroid and you can watch while it develops on your desktop!

Frickin’ Sweet!

So I spent the next two hours Polaroiding my pics and driving The Boy mad with the authentic Polariod sound effects everytime a picture pops out….gooooood times!



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21 responses to “But I keep them in a box under my bed

  1. Poladroid is the best thing ever!! I’ve all my pictures turned into polaroids too!! Makes us look like we’re living in the 70’s! Love it!

  2. Amazing! I lub it. I lub it lots.

  3. Ahaha, I had a similar experience when I found Poladroid. The boy did not appreciate the sounds either. I, however, am with you – It’s awesome.

  4. which version did you download cos I tried it before and just kept getting ‘error 4…error 4’….computers hate me

    ps stop by on Thurs for ‘Sexy Blau’….does ‘the boy’ know you talk to me like that huh huh

  5. Gah! That is deadly! I love Polaroids too! They remind me of childhood birthday parties in McDonald’s!


  6. i’ve been meaning to get this for aggeeeeeeeeeees! The photos look lovely! xx

  7. Ahhhh I just downloaded it and I Looooove it! I have a polaroid camera but the film is so bloody expensive that I don’t even bother 😦
    But this is almost as good! Thank you!

  8. Kar

    Ahhh, amazing! I was planning on studying tonight… I shall now be polaroid-izing everything!

  9. Rachel Bothwell

    Wow…this is possibly one of the most exciting things ever! Downloading as we speak…ooh I can hardly contain the excitement! I am aware I may sound a little sarcastic but fear not…I am as equally amused by clicky sound effects and that faded polaroid look!

    Thanks x

  10. Chels from oh missy me shared this link once but I lost it…
    You could also add effects to photos!

  11. I love Poladroid, it’s great ain’t it!

  12. Ohhh, thanks for sharing this! Have to try it out!

  13. Eve

    Thats sooooo cool! Wow!

  14. Hahaha! I did that with millions of my photos last year and you scolded me… Oh you always come around…

  15. Sarah Hannah

    every single personal photo of mine on my blog has been poladroided. best program ever. for real.

  16. Poladroid is so fun, I should have pointed you in its direction before, I found it a little while ago and went poladroid crazy lol.

    Not sure its worth getting a polaroid until the Impossible project film is a bit more reliable to be honest, even though I’ve only taken the 3 photos I think its going to be temperamental stuff… bah!

  17. Hello new obsession! I’ll be doing this for hours.

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