Fantabulous Foto Friday

In honour of the lovely-blunt-wonder that is Jennifer Alice in Wonderland, today’s FFF post’s theme is Accessories!

I received a lovely package from her during the week that contained the most gorgeous pair of earrings and lovely Good Luck card for the Blog Awards (yeah, I’m REALLY bad with picking up my mail from my parents…the poor girl sent me the package about a month ago!!).

So visit her blog or her etsy shop and enjoy these Fotos…



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9 responses to “Fantabulous Foto Friday

  1. I NEED that teapot pendant in the last photo, THIS IS NOT A DRILL! That’s so sound of Jennie, sure she’s lovely!

  2. Ah, I also meant to say I like the makeover! Damn Friday evening attention span.

  3. Love the makeover m’dear!

  4. I love your blog…its marvelous!
    If your in the mood come visit my blog…or not
    whatever works

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