Over the Weekend

Lads and ladies, I’m in a bad way.

My fourth and final wisdom tooth is making its way into the line-up and is punishing me for the bucketful of wrongs that have apparently been done to it.

Talking, smiling, eating, breathing…it’s all too much for my pain threshold to take at the moment and the drug overdose isn’t helping as much as it should.

But, the show must go on, and blinding pain aside, it’s been a good weekend.

Myself and The Boy had a lovely Us Day yesterday, which included us trying out the Milkshake Bar in Dublin City Centre.

Toblerone Milkshake….pure heaven.

Fruit Pastilles Milkshake….surprisingly pleasing.

And then today, I had the privilege of meeting the award-winning White Rabbit, who was visiting my hometown to celebrate her birthday.
If you think she’s entertaining in blog-form, then you’ll be overwhelmed if you meet her in person!
She’s hilarious, and even I could appreciate that through the haze of painkillers and, well, pain.

Hope you all had a good weekend, and I’d appreciate some feedback on the new layout!

Also, the page links should all be in a staight line across the top of the new banner, but The Boy’s laptop is showing them in ascending lines beside the blog name instead, so let me know if the same thing is happening to you, because it looks fine on my computers!



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22 responses to “Over the Weekend

  1. You met the real WR?!!? OMG she’s such a ledge! Well she would be if she stopped blinding my eyes with her bloody camera.

    I too know the pain of wisdom teeth. I’d offer to share the burden but honestly, I’m not that generous.

    • Well she told me she was the Real WR…..but she didn’t have a camera…..so maybe, MAYBE…..maybe she wasn’t the Real One…..plus she didn’t look as rabbitty as she does on her blog….

  2. BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL new layout my lovely Hermia!

    Hope your wisdom tooth isnt giving you too much trouble, I HATE mine!! xx

  3. Wow loving the new look!! Wisdom teeth are plain evil, hope you feel better soon!!

  4. your banner looks fine and great to me 🙂 x

  5. emilycross

    Everything looks grand to me, very pretty too 🙂

    Oh also sympathy Ouch for you. . .

    Ooooh the pain of that, hope the drugs are strong!

  6. Looks good to me! Love the banner 🙂

  7. Love this layout, & it looks great to me. Sorry to hear about your tooth woes!

  8. OHHH poor you !
    that must be so painful.
    but a toblerone milkshake ?
    now THAT sounds delightful.

  9. dustjacket attic

    Oh I’m so sorry for you…not good.

    Ha ha White Rabbit cracks me up on the page so yeah I’m sure she’s a riot for real…lucky you, you would have needed the cheering up.

  10. Luuurrrve the new layout!
    You Rock!
    Wow….. THEE WHITE RABBIT *mimics the chesire cat*.
    That would have been awesome, it’s too bad about the tooth, I’m in the same kind of stiuation.
    I WANT to try a toblerone milkshake!

  11. jaysus…i spend a lil time studying and BOOM!! what a make over…LOVE IT x

  12. POOR YOU! And your blog looks awesome.

  13. Kar

    Ah, I know the pain of wisdom teeth 😦

    But on the plus side… MILKSHAKE BAR! Gonna have to test it out! And isn’t ice-cream good for toothache?! 😉

  14. Where is this new Milkshake Bar?! i want a toblerone milkshake. Share!
    and yes, love the new look 🙂

  15. Ahh shucks m’dear! I’m all embarrassed now *red* It was an absolute privilege to meet you too!

    Hermia Readers – she is just as beautiful and funny as you would expect her to be 🙂

    NotRuairi – I will take photos when and where I want *shakes fist*

    Re: Milkshakes – Jelly Tots. Seriously. Don’t knock it until you have tried it!

  16. Oh wow! Heard bout that milkshake bar – must try it out soon… have to say the Toblerone one sounds delish!
    Love the new layout by the way

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