Grasping at my Identity

I haven’t done an editorial post in AGES and while I haven’t abandoned the wonderfully humiliating stories that you all enjoy SO much (tomorrow’s addition may or may not be in relation to Pochahontas-imitating), I do want to show you this editorial from Numéro Toyko…

I just love the mish-mash of colours, patterns, textures and general objects!

Also, I think I need to say that while I’m delighted with the support for the Secret Stories project, I feel like I’ve abandoned the usual stuff that makes up this blog. Unconsciously, I think I’ve felt a little like I’m intruding or being almost disrespectful to the people who have sent in their secrets and fears to be posted here when I attempt to post my usual blunt ramblings!

So I’m going to continue to post a Secret Story every Monday and Thursday, but I’m also going to try not to lose this blog’s own ‘voice’ at the same time, also because I notice a lot of my usual readers don’t comment on the Secret Stories posts and I don’t want to lose you lovely loyal people!
Gotta give you guys what you came here for!!!


Oh and as part of the revamping of A Chick Named Hermia, I’ve set up a Facebook Page for the blog



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10 responses to “Grasping at my Identity

  1. I like secret stories, but defintely don’t abandon your true hermia-eque posts! i find it hard to comment on secret stories, unless the person is asking for advice. otherwise it kinda feels like commenting on someone’s diary!
    and you probably have the best blogroll ever. i love it 🙂 x

  2. Kar

    I remember dressing up as Pochahontas for two years in a row at Halloween… I look forward to tomorrow’s post. 😉

  3. Laura

    I love love love the new design, beautiful!!

    I do like reading secret stories, I just feel weird commenting on them!

  4. these pics…add a martini glass to the moels hand and that’s gonna be me tomor night…FACT! I’m gonna due some damage with that golf club x

  5. The second one seriously blows my mind. LOVE.

  6. Don’t think i didn’t notice 🙂 love it all x

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