A little letter to…. Taylor Momsen

Dear Taylor,

Ok, so I was like totally putting the finishing touches to the new suspenders and see-through shirt outfit I made for my Barbie, and I thought of you.

You’re, like, just such an inspiration!

You totally stick it to the man and your Screw You attitude is totally admirable, especially the way you rebel against the Gossip Girl team all the time. I mean PLEASE, so they gave you your big break…so what? Does that mean that they can tell you how you should dress and what you should say when you’re playing Lil J? You totally know better, Taylor! This ‘vampire drug addict’ look you have Jenny working now is TOTALLY better than the ‘edgy pretty girl’ look they had her stuck with last season.

You’re like a total hero. I mean, you could actually be the next Martin Luther King, cos he like totally stood up for the rights of black people and you like totally stand up for the rights of 15 and 16-year-olds to smoke and drink and dress like hookers.

You’re such a visionary.

Oh and other musicians will totally respect your badass attitude and the way you keep going on about how mature you are and how hard your life is.

You’re a real musician. I mean, music like saved you, Taylor. Before music, you were like this privileged teenager who had every opportunity at her feet, and now you’re like totally hated by everyone and people say you’ve got an attitude, which is awesome!

Also, it’s just really inspiring that you’re always saying how much you hate the media and how you don’t give a shit what people say. It must be such a drag that even though you always complain about getting so much media attention, they keeping mentioning your tour and your album just because you’ve dropped it into every sentence you’ve uttered around them.

And isn’t it crazy that they say your attitude is just this big act for the media and that acting Too Cool means you do care what everyone thinks?

Anyway, just letting you know how great you are, but you’re probably too bored and inconvenienced to even read this, which is really awesome.

Lots of Love,



PS: Comparing yourself to Kurt Cobain was a totally great move.


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32 responses to “A little letter to…. Taylor Momsen

  1. ashi

    muahaha i love this letter, she’s so annoying!

  2. dannidupa

    I second this notion. She bothers me and is the least talented actress on the show.

  3. emilycross

    How bad is it that I don’t know who this person is?

    I think i’ll stick to Glee!!

  4. Suz

    I keep hoping she’ll come across better in interviews and she just fails everytime!

    What’s up with Lil J’s uber fake hair this season? Yuck.

  5. Haha I laughed out loud in the library while reading this. Morto!! But ya I can’t stand her! Did you see her This Morning interview? Her whole “I don’t give a shit” attitude annoys me. She’ll come down to earth with a bang someday!

    • Ha ha….I hate when that happens!!!! I’m nearly always in work when it does, so the people in my office think I’m a bit weird cos I can’t really explain what I was laughing at!

  6. Oh, I’ve heard of this girl before! Everytime one of my friends bring up the show Gossip Girl, my other friend always has something to say about someone named Taylor Momsen. Either that she’s annoying or that she is the worst actress ever! I’ll have to get her to read this!

    I finally know who she is now 😀 Great post!


  7. Omg you a frickin hilarious… this entire season of GG I have rolled my eyes every time she saunters on screen (though I do secretly love her hair)

    Love love love,



  8. Amy

    I agree! I can’t believe she’s the same age as me…she has got *such* an attitude. She even managed to moan about her castmates in an interview I read.

    But then, I’m still annoyed that GG didn’t cast an ordinary looking Jenny as the books suggest, but went for a pretty one who just cannot act…

    • I just don’t know where the attitude came from!!!! She seemed so nice in the beginning! I LOVED her in Season 1 and for the first half of Season 2 and then her ego just got in the way!

  9. Hilarious and completely accurate! taylor-abuse is one of my favourite hobbies. i cannot stand her and i get immense pleasure out of the fact that no one else can either. hello, future lindsay lohan!

  10. Laura

    more more moooooooooooore

  11. Eve

    Haha. You hit it right on the head. Its so frustrating to me that people think they need to act like they’re thirty. Why can’t you just grow up at a normal rate like everyone else. You’re only a teen ager once, why do you have to act like a “mature adult” now?

  12. My dear, this is your post genius post to date. ❤

  13. this is why I love you so….can’t believe that girl compared herself to Kurt Cobain…more like Kurt Co-lame

  14. Ick i can’t stand her lol. I heard she is going to be off Gossip Girl for a bit…

    Love the new blog look! 🙂

  15. Sarah Hannah

    hahah vampire drug addict. love it!

  16. LittleOwl

    agreed, totally!

  17. I jumped up and down like crazy when I read the title of this post on my RSS reader! Yay, more please 😉


  18. christwithana

    not gonna lie, TOTALLY loved taylor momsen at the beginning
    i was so excited when i heard she would be jenny humphrey (a little worried about whether or not she could pull it off, but she did)
    and then she started turning all….weird
    and awkward, and really uncool
    and now i kinda sorta totally don’t like her
    *sigh* if only she had stayed her age, and not tried to PROVE her age, cause doing that pretty much kills you
    the end 🙂

  19. hahaha..I loved reading this sarcastic note. Nice letter. However, I actually am kind of inspired by the way she dress..some outfits are way too much for me to handle (like the later look here, red skirt, long scarf..not really) but I like the look in general..and I don’t know anything about her in own person so I don’t feel like judging..however I am annoyed in this season of Gossip Girl where she lies to everyone, tries to steal boyfriends and etc..that however is just the character I thought, the ones the writers subscribed her..? but I don’t know..poor thing, guess it’s difficult to be famous at 15

  20. LOL! This was amazing :3
    When I first started reading this, I thought you were being serious… Then I noticed all the “like”s and “totally”s xD
    I love GG, but her character is starting to get really annoying. I’m glad she’s going away for the fourth season!

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  22. christwithana

    So I’m not gonna lie, every now and then, I come back and read this one letter, because it just cracks me up so. Thank you for brightening up my day hahaha(:

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