Fantabulous Foto Friday with some tidbits

Today’s photo theme is…*pauses to make-up a theme*…eh…uhm….hair….becaaaauuuuuuuuseeee…hair is nice.
I’m so good at this thinking-on-the-spot thing!

Some things that have happened this week…

1. Well I made my debut on Ballad of… this week, which was great because it allowed me to be creative and scary because it was so far from my normal writing. I also have minor fears that I come across as a 14-year-old emo.

2. I’m getting a little excited about Eclipse after seeing a new scene from it, but I know I’m probably going to be horrible disappointed when I see it *sigh* On a side note, I will bleed Skittles before I see the new Robin Hood…it’s aaaallll about Prince of Thieves…Kevin Costner, Morgan Freeman and ALAN RICKMAN!?…you just can’t beat it.

3. I am now a little in love with Léa Seydoux….and a little extra in love with Clémence Poésy….you guys don’t need an explanation for this.

4. Dublin’s 98 did a HILARIOUS Tyra Banks parody yesterday…as soon as I get a copy, you guys get a copy.

5. A friend in work has shared her genius with me and I will now be able to wear my dodgy-zip jeans without really long tops and jumpers! Loop one of those keyring-connectors onto the zip and slip it in behind the button on your jeans….magic….your zips will no longer keep falling down!

And yup, that’s it!



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14 responses to “Fantabulous Foto Friday with some tidbits

  1. You had me at ALAN RICKMAN. His name shall forevermore be typed IN CAPITALS.

  2. I’m irrationally thrilled for “Eclipse,” too… and dying that you said “I’ll bleed Skittles…”

  3. I like the ballad, very deep meaningful stuff ya got goin on!
    My aim for the end of the summer is to get nice hair! Hairdressing is just way overpriced 😦

  4. Ah I love braids in hair. I need to do more in mine! x

  5. whisty

    Eh that’s genius! That zip, buttom, keyring thing, or is it Jeanius (sorry).
    But seriously we all need people who offer this kind of info in our lives!
    Loving the hair pics to. x

  6. beautiful photographs:)

  7. Agreed on the Robin Hood bit. The new one looks wretched and makes me think we should cut out Russel Crowe’s heart with a spoon for even trying to mess with such a good thing.

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