I don’t say this very often…

…but when I do, you can almost guarantee is has something to do with Urban Outfitters.

I Need To Live in America.

Build Your Own Bike….yes please!

How about sending this Europe’s way, UO?????



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8 responses to “I don’t say this very often…

  1. oh oh complete with UO handle bar streamers…perfect!

  2. OH. MY. GOD?

    I am actually devasted that this is only available in america



  3. I stay as far away from Urban Outfitters as possible cause I die a little inside when I cannot afford their stuff..its so goddam gorgeous! Unforch even their Sales completely mug my purse :C Ah well…!

    Love love love,



    • I normally save and save and then go in a splurge a little…the good thing is tho (even though I do hate the high proces) that I always think long and hard about whatever I buy there so whatever I get, I use loads and it’s long-lasting!

  4. you changed things around here!! I love.. I think I was meant to live here/Paris/London ?

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