Let me tell you about the time I….lied, with hilarious consequences

I’m not proud of this.

Ok I’m a little proud of this.
But it IS kind of hilarious…

Those of you who have read this blog for a long time probably know that myself and The Boy met when we worked in Londis (it’s a chain of convenience stores/big grocery shops in Ireland). I worked there for three-and-a-half years and I don’t think I’ll ever stop missing the great times I had there!
Also, I worked with some of the coolest people ever.

It’s been a few years since we all worked together, but I’m still good friends with some of them and we all still keep in touch with those we don’t get to see that often and try to have get-togethers a couple of times a year.

One of the people I see quite regularly is Tinhead.
She’s ….eh ….original.
Very insane and very random and very funny.
And while her friends are used to it, other people don’t realise just how cracked she is.

So on Saturday night, The Boy received a text from another girl we used to work with (and don’t see that often) -let’s call her Bellamy- asking if Tinhead was after getting married as her second name on her Facebook page had changed.

I didn’t bat an eyelid at this.
Of course she had changed her second name of Facebook.
It’s Tinhead!
She does things like that and sure everyone is always hacking into her page.

In that same text, she also asked if it was the guy in her profile picture she was married to (who also worked with us…for like a month), which we found funny as this guy usually doesn’t like girls…

“Lol, what should I say? Will I keep it going?” The Boy asked me.

“Sure play along,” I said. “It’ll be amusing.”

So he did.

And she believed him.

“It was a small ceremony,” he said. “I was Hermia’s plus one” explaining why Bellamy hadn’t been invited.

I also sent a text to Tinhead letting her know what he was telling her to explain any strange Wedding Texts she received and she was quite delighted when she got a congratulatory email from Bellamy!

And then we forgot about it.

Until The Boy came home last night and said, “Uhm, Bellamy says I owe her a drink”.

“Yeah? Why so?”

“Well, she found out that Tinhead wasn’t married…and that her ‘husband’ is gay…after she sent her a bouquet of flowers.”


“What?” I said.

“Yeah,” said he.

“Ah sh*t,” I said. “Actually she’s probably trying to get one up on you. I bet she found out it wasn’t true and is trying to convince you she’s done that so you’ll feel bad.”

Trying to verify this, I text Tinhead:
Me: “Nice bouquet?”
Tinhead: “Are you sending me flowers?”
Me: “No, lol, Bellamy told The Boy she sent you wedding flowers but now she knows you’re not married. I just figured you admitted it was a joke and now she’s winding him up!”
Tinhead: “Well I’m not at home now so I don’t know if there are flowers and I didn’t tell her it was a joke.”
Me: “I see. Ah I’d say she’s just joking.”
Tinhead: “I hope there are flowers.”
Me: “That’s so mean!!”
Tinhead: “But I’ve never gotten flowers before!”

*A few hours later*

Tinhead: “Just got home…massive bunch of flowers on the table. And a card to Tinhead and ‘Husband’  congrats on your marriage. Now I feel kind bad…they were probably expensive.”
Me: “I told you so!!!!!”
Tinhead: “They are beautiful flowers though”

So while the whole thing was RIDICULOUSLY HILARIOUS….I feel bad.
Bellamy, if you read this we’re all very sorry.
But you are the Almighty Queen of Wind-Ups, so I’m sure you’d have done the same to us!
PS: And if you’d warned us you were going to send flowers, we would have ‘fessed up.
PPS: If you and Tinhead have made all this up to get back at me and The Boy, kudos to you guys.



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14 responses to “Let me tell you about the time I….lied, with hilarious consequences

  1. LOL! This reminded me of How I Met Your Mother when Barney and Marshall pretend to be Ted’s date!

    Hilarious stuff m’dear 😀

  2. Haha! For some reason the bit in Friends where Chandler goes “Can..open! Worms….everywhere!”came to mind there!

  3. “You’re terrible Mauriel” x

  4. Sinead Rural

    ha ha ha Catherine. !!!! I love this.!!!!!!!

  5. haha.. it was kind of innocent, though. 🙂 and I bet Tinhead didn’t mind those beautiful flowers! your friends sound like so much fun 😀

  6. ha ha ha! Serves her right for facebook stalking!!

  7. At least you were the cause for an act of kindness!!

  8. I don’t see the problem, you lie and a mate gets a lovely bouquet of flowers. If I got a Whole nut every time my mates lied, I’d beg them to never stop.

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