Sponging, Cringing and More Cringing…

Edit: The initial rant is not directed a non-regular bloggers or geniunely friendly bloggers (see comments for further explanation)…
I am resisting an urge to rant about lazy bloggers capitalising on the networking efforts of dedicated bloggers.
I’ve seen it a few times lately: ‘not bovered’ bloggers sussing out who comments regularly on the few blogs they’ve looked at and then targeting them for the comment-backing.
Blogging is a beautiful business: stop abusing it.

K ….apparently my resisting abilities SUCK….but I definitely didn’t rant AS MUCH as I normally do.
This not-properly-ranting business is hard….I may have to crack and do a separate post, but for now…

What I really want to talk about is Cringe Parties.

For the last month, I’ve heard bits and bobs about these parties that encourage people to dig out their teenage diaries/poetry/songs/etc and humiliate themselves by reading them out to a group of people.

I was SUCH an idiot when I was a teenager…I thought I was so mature and deep and from what I remember, my diary contents should have me hiding under the bed in SHAME.
I planned on posting entries up here a few months ago, but I couldn’t find them and had a flickering whisper of a memory of me throwing them out when I moved in with The Boy.

Which sucks.

But I’ll try and dig something up!

Anyone up for an Online Cringe Party??

PS: Did anyone else watch the Eurovision last night? What the frick was with the Polish singer ripping of his dancer’s clothes and getting her in a headlock????
PPS: And what’s with the weird voting thing, where you can vote from the start of the show? How is that fair to the later acts! Ireland is going to be the 12th act on Thursday’s Semi, so we’re getting screwed out of votes!!!
Also, why isn’t EVERYONE allowed vote in the Semi Finals…it’s STUPID!
PPPS: J’adore the Belgian entry!
PPPPS: This Eurovision business reminds me of This Hilarious Post White Rabbit wrote for Diamonds.



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19 responses to “Sponging, Cringing and More Cringing…

  1. I don’t understand the whole commenting back thing?
    Haha the cringe parties sound hilarious! But I was such a loser when I was a teenager. Well actually I’m still technically a teenager, but I hope that I have lost some of my loserish-ness from the earlier years! xx

    • Lol my mini rants are obviously not very well-written!
      Basically, my problem is with bloggers that don’t build up relationships themselves. There are a number of bloggers who comment a lot on other blogs and will always reply to a comment and have spent a long time building up their blogroll with people they’ve developed relationships with.
      And then there are bloggers who just want an easy ride and rather than putting in the effort, they look at a few blogs, see who comments on the posts a lot, and then they comment on those blogs, knowing they’ll probably get some views and comments back.
      So they haven’t developed a relationship…they just want to look popular!

      Does that make more sense?

      • Yes it does. Wow that sounds so long-winded! I guess it’s hard at the beginning when you first start a blog so maybe that’s why people do it.
        It is so nice to develop a relationship with other bloggers, don’t you think? It feels like you’re part of a community. Wow that sounds so cheesy but it does. xxx

        • Lol, I sound long-winded????? Thanks Polly!!! 😛

          And yeah, I agree with forming relationships with other bloggers….that’s what I’m advocating!!! And you do that through back-and-forth commenting or emailing or joint projects or whatever!!
          My problem is with those that leave comments like “Nice post! Check out my blog!” because they don’t want to build a relationship…they just comment to get a comment back or a view for their page! It’s so mean and rude!

          • No no no the bloggers who find people who comment back a lot and then target those blogs to comment on are long-winded!! The bloggers you are talking about. Haha everyone seems to be talking at cross-purposes today!
            I know what you mean. Lately for some reason I’ve been getting a load of people commenting on my blog saying that exact thing – “check out my blog” and then leaving their blog address. I’m not saying I didn’t do that once or twice at the beginning of blogging :S but I’ve had the same people doing it over and over, and it’s like, “I’ve seen your blog… and you leaving your blog address over and over isn’t going to make me want to click on your name anymore!” I do that to all my commentors anyway! It’s kind of irritating. Oh dear, I’ve just joined in on your rant. Whoops!

      • OKay – now I’m clued in!

  2. I dunno if I want to rant from my high school journals. It as so ridicolous with crushes on guys I now wouldn’t give the light of day & all those MASH games from being lil & how hot Zack Morris was. It’s a cute idea, but hmmm not sure if anyone would even want to hear it! =)

    • Lol but that’s why it’s so funny!!! Like at the time you thought it was all so important and now, well, it makes you cringe!! But you know it’s hilarious and everyone else will find it funny! Wouldn’t you LOL hearing somebody else had written that?

  3. Hello,

    I’m a new blogger, please don’t think I’m one of the subjects of your rant 🙂

    Loving the cringey stuff. I was actually thinking just yesterday that some of my (ample) collection of angsty teenage hormone-soaked odes to misery and social exclusion would make for very entertaining (if painful) re-reading and possibly even posting…would probably make it easier if others were also willing to share!

    Lovely blog by the way 🙂

    • LOL! No, no, no!! That isn’t directed at new bloggers AT ALL! Like you’re meandering through blogs and leaving lovely relavant comments which is the nice and lovely way to be a blogger…it’s the ones that leave comments JUST to get someone to comment on their blog and only leave comments on blogs whose bloggers comment back…that’s not being a blogger for the love of blogging, it’s doing it to become popular or famous!

      You’re lovely!

      Yeah God, I was SUCH an emo teenager *shame*

  4. Jaysus my diaries would be cringe city. Although I threw a load of them out when I started going out with my first boyfriend in school because he was rather possessive and jealous and whatnot and for some reason I decided it would be better to bin everything! Like an idiot. I have a few from the beginning of college though. Still muy cringetastic.

    Hey, come check out my blog 😛

  5. I´m a new blogger too and even though I read loads and loads of blogs, I only comment on posts I have something to say about or things like that… I guess thats my way of building a relationship?? Argh – I hope I don´t seem like I´m only doing it for traffic!!!

    Found my diary recently and LOL`ed reading it – I was such a loser!

    • Oh lol well you haven’t seemed like that to me!!! You always leave relevant comments and it’s obvious you’ve taken time to read the post and you keep coming back!! You’re one of the good uns!! 😀

  6. Kar

    God some of my diaries would make for hilarious entries… I was going through my moody, ‘I’m soo individual and no one gets it’ phase when I was fourteen… criiinge 😉

  7. L

    Oh my goodness, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who was confused by the Polish entry!!
    He actually had her in the headlock for a good 10 seconds, I thought good aul Marty would make a reference to it, but nothing!
    And I love the Belgian one too. Greece on the other hand…

  8. **Sighs**
    I just had this really long and interesting reply about my feeling guilty about not posting and the hilariousness of Eurovision – when my internet cut out.
    Many thousands of ‘grrrrss’ to my internet!


  9. i never had a diary per se, but had a leaving book at the end of high school. everyone signs eachothers books, like mini essays on how they’re the best and all that jazz. well i was flicking through mine the other day and i was SO embarassed at what was written in there and the way i used to write and the pictures i glued and everything, that i burned the darn thing. ripped it up first, then marched outside and put it in of those metal fire bin thingies and gave it a good roasting.

    p.s i’m in agreement over the blogging thing!

  10. Old diaries make me cringe so much, but they’re hilarious. Mine all consist of ‘today my best friend is X because she shared her jellies with me’ and ‘today i hate X because she borrowed my markers and lost the red one!’
    I’m definitely having a cringe party over the summer!

    And agreed about the comment thing, ‘hi, nice blog! come visit mine!’ grr!

  11. Oh my God I LOVE the Cringe Party idea. I don’t have any of my old diaries handy, as they’re all my mum’s in Ohio, but I DO have two old Xanga.com journals!

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