Fantabulous Foto Friday and a Review

This week…

  • I rekindled my childhood love of the Eurovision. So many awful songs, so many strange voting choices. Poland decided that half-raping dancers on stage was a Good Thing and Israel didn’t see a need to form a melody for their entry (just stand on stage and wail randomly). Oh and Ireland got through. And are being tipped as a potential winner.
    I am not at all biased here.
    The Ireland entry is not good.
    The Irish singer is not good.
    I’m all about Belgium and Germany and to a lesser extent, Cyprus.
    Guilty pleasures include The Netherlands and Slovenia…awesome.
  • Scaring the shite out of people is HILARIOUS! I have a habit of randomly standing behind doors and shouting at The Boy when he opens it, resulting in the poor lad pooping himself.
    I don’t do it a lot, because it won’t scare him if he’s expecting.
    Yesterday I outdid myself.
    He went out to put bag in the bin and as I went to turn on the water-heating-device to wash my hair, I suddenly decided it would be hilarious to hide in the cupboard the heating system is in (which is right beside the front door) and then jump out.
    So when The Boy walked in and turned to close the door, I leapt out shrieking, he jumped and also shrieked (although he says that I was shrieking so much it made it SOUND like he did it) and clutched his heart and knelt on the floor for a while.
    Classic stuff!
    Although I am a little worried I’m going to cause him a stroke one of these days…
  • One of my school friends is getting married in a couple of weeks! It’s really exciting!!! Although I can’t see anyone else I know getting married for at least another five years so that’s a little sad.
  • Today’s theme is something along the lines of transport…because I really want to take a train…uhm…yeah…so not the best theme, but the pictures are pretty…stop with your judging eyes…it’s MY blog so I can do what I want…STOP WITH THE GUILT…


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13 responses to “Fantabulous Foto Friday and a Review



    • You just missed the Semi Finals!!!! The ACTUAL comeptition is on Saturday! I plan on getting drunk with a friend, picking the worst song (which might be the UK this year) and supporting them with violent passion!! Good times….

  2. Romania to win! I love the Siamese twin-pianos and the catsuit lady with the massive rack. I don’t know why. Also, Turkey were impressive with the Stig angle-grinding his silver lobster arm. You just don’t get sentences like that with anything other than Eurovision. So dementedly brilliant.

  3. I’ve never seen Eurovision before, I may have to watch it now…
    The train pictures are lovely, although I have a massive phobia of trains (apparently “Siderodromophobia” haha) so I refuse to ever get on one ๐Ÿ™‚ But the third and fourth pics are my favourite- the fourth more so

    • Wow that’s so unusual!!! Did you have a bad experience on a train or did it just come from nowhere??

      • No personal bad experience haha. That would probably be a waaay better excuse. When I was like 4, I was watching the news with my Grandma and this train crash had just happened and there were like eye witness accounts etc. Haven’t been able to look at trains in the same way since, plusss there’s all the horror stories you hear about people on train tracks, scary stuff! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hello Hermia ๐Ÿ™‚

    A few Eurovision observations…

    Silver hot pants? On men? REALLY!?

    Israel definitely neglected to inform their singer that a pitch, some lyrics and anything other than a pained expression, were encouraged/required. Gah.

    I’m very proud of our EV legacy, but Niamh Kavanagh should’ve just left well-enough alone. She looks awful (no offence but she is squashed into that purple dress and tbh, they should’ve dressed her in something that suited her curves a bit more), she sounds off key for most of it, her voice has not aged well and as for the song?! It’s a little scary to think that as an entire nation of musical people THAT was the best we could come up with.

    Rant over. I’m off to write next years entry. I can’t do any worse than this years.

    • Lol ….that was Lithuania, wasn’t it?? I kinda loved it for the tacky-Eurovision-ness of it all! But weird and the song was awful!

      She looked TERRIBLE!! But Jesus, RTE have blind people working in their wardrobe department, so when you look at some of the outfits they’ve provided for their news anchors and other such delights, I’m not really surprised!
      It sounded like she’d had a pint or two beforehand and it just butchered her voice (my voice goes as soon as I LOOK at Bulmers)….she kept slipping out of tune and was miles away from that last high note… but the crowd feckin’ LOVED her!

      Like, the other countries enter their top singers and use their top writers and we just seem to throw whoever’s around in! It’s insane…and I mean, when we do it properly, we kick ass and we don’t have this “Oh well we’re sabotaging it cos we can’t afford to host it” excuse anymore, so I just don’t get what’s going on!


      • emilycross

        Totally agree with yeh! We’re a nation of singers and musicians (or at least we market ourselves to be and yet we can’t seem to pull it together for it)

        Seriously like, we had some amazing songs, for example ๐Ÿ˜‰

        My lovely horse, running through the fields.
        Where are you going with your fetlocks blowing in the wind?
        I want to shower you with sugar lumps and ride you over fences.
        Polish your hooves every single day, and bring you to the horse dentist.

        My lovely horse, you’re a pony no more.
        Running around with a man on your back like a train in the night, yeh,
        Like a train in the night.

        How could you lose with that?

  5. Ah, it just premiered tonight in Australia ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
    I love love love Eurovision, I get introduced to so much beauty ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. So, I adore your blog:) And I absolutely love the transit pics. I have a strange affinity for the subway here in Chicago. There’s something exciting about different lines, all crossing paths and connecting people.

  7. let’s take a road trip!

  8. wow, the photos! amazing ๐Ÿ˜€

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