A little rant about….Fellow Passengers

I have always had a love-hate relationship with public transport.

I love taking the bus for long journeys and just watching people and houses and fields sail by.
I love how the gentle hum of the engine never fails to rock me to sleep.

I like nothing about the Luas (Dublin tram service) because is a disgustingly modern and capitalist creation.

But I do love the bus and trains.
And sorta hate them

When it comes to buses, I hate having to wait and wait without any idea when the bloody thing is going to come.
I hate that when it’s raining, you’ll always have to wait longer.

I hate that other bus drivers get preferential treatment. I get so angry when I see an off-shift driver strut up at the last second and stand ten or more feet away from the stop and the crowd of commuters because guess what!? The bus will stop where their driver buddy is standing and on he’ll hop with a wink and take the nicest seat right down the back. Meanwhile, us eejits who have formed our own fair lines AT THE STOP are lefting charging down to bus and those who were first (and were waiting longest) are stuck at the back of the queue and left standing.

And don’t get me started on the Luas and the cramfest!
Or the fact that their seats are ridiculously few and very uncomfortable!
Or the drivers who shut the doors on you and then sit at the stop for two more minutes, making you incredibly late for work and with angry tears welling up in your eyes. (I’m very emotional in the mornings).

But MOST of all, I hate the people.
Wouldn’t the world just be lovely if there were no people?
(Oh except you lovely Readers….you guys will be spared during my rampage!)
And I hate the people for the following reasons:

  • People who skip make-shift queues made at a bus or Luas stop.
  • Coin people who queue in the ticket line on the bus because it’s shorter and then hold everyone up when they push their way to the coin slot …and then get ahead of everyone to get the best seat.
  • People who sit beside you when there are LOADS of empty two-seater seats.
  • People who put their bags on the seat next to them when the bus/Luas is jam packed and then given the person who asks them to move them they dirtiest of looks!
  • Really fat people who take up their seat and most of yours…you know what? If you’re not going to buy two tickets, then STAND. (God I’m going to hell).
  • People who shove their bags/guitars/suitcases into the foot space in four-seater sections (two seats facing two seats) and don’t give a damn that you’ve no room and that your feet are at creepy angles.
  • Old people who get the bus/Luas during PEAK RUSH HOUR to go shopping or to meet Mavis for cakes. Feck off, you’re not getting my seat.
  • Guys who leave girls to stand for old people/pregnant women. Now this isn’t a sexist thing, but guys are physically stronger than women naturally so they’re better able to handle standing. My main problem though is when a guy is sitting on the outside seat, he sees an old person come on, he pretends to be asleep and then the girl on the inside seat is forced to get up.
  • Standing people who take free seats from other standing people who have been standing longer…sure there aren’t any rules in writing, but what the hell happened to good old fashioned manners and fair play?
  • People who use up all the arm room out of selfishness and not for size reasons.
  • People reading a newspaper who have it hanging all over your personal space.
  • Standing people who try to punish sitting people for getting a seat by leaning against them or jamming their bags into them or constantly pulling their hair as they hold onto the handles.
  • People who get on the bus during rush hour when you’re BARELY making it in on time for work and then spend 10mins questioning the bus driver on every bus route in the area …and then get off. USE A BLOODY BUS MAP OR LOOK IT UP ONLINE BEFOREHAND!!!!
  • People who smoke upstairs on the bus. You’re not cool, you’re not being sneaky, everyone bloody knows what you’re doing and they all think you’re a sap!



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28 responses to “A little rant about….Fellow Passengers

  1. “Really fat people who take up their seat and most of yours…you know what? If you’re not going to buy two tickets, then STAND.” – spot on, i find myself pressed up against the window as if my charming fellow passenger expects me to become one with the vehicle!!!

    • Lol!!! It’s just SO rude!! I mean I’ve sat beside loads of really big men (big build, wide shoulders, tall, possible work out) who would take up a lot of room, but they do their best to squish over if they’re on the inside or take up some aisle room if they’re on the outside seat!!!
      But it’s these huge guys and girls with bad attitudes who think they deserve special treatment because they’re dangerously obese and don’t care how much they’re affecting other people as long as they’re happy!
      Like I know some people will say “Oh it’s not they’re fault, they might have an illness”, but that’s just not an issue! It’s the attitude, not the size that’s the problem…as I said, lots of bigger people will make an effort to give you your deserved room and those people are lovely and great and here’s a cookie for caring enough about others!

      • I agree with certain points you’ve raised-mainly the ones that are based on manners or courtesy
        i.e:People who put their bags on the seat etc.

        But i found your comments about fat people completely offensive and stereotyped.

        • Lol they’re not offensive and stereotyped at all! I’ve already said that I’ve sat beside plenty of fat or just broad people who make an effort not to take over your seat! It’s the ones that don’t care and think they have a right to do it that are the problem….so really it’s about manners!

          • Sorry but i really don’t agree.

            You said “Really fat people who take up their seat and most of yours…
            you know what?If you’re not going to buy two tickets,then STAND.
            (God I’m going to hell)…fat or just broad people who make an effort not
            to take over your seat!”.

            Pardon my ignorance but how exactly do manners come into the equation here?

            I find your comment offensive because you are picking or singling out people
            regarding their physical size. Someone may make an effort to move over but if
            a person was overweight to the point of ‘infringing’ your space then i don’t see how moving would make a difference. Therefore manners have little to do with it.

            It just reads as being a throwaway and quite callous comment

            • These comment boxes are getting smaller and smaller…damn Theme!

              Look, you’re just picking a fight here and being overly PC and sensitive.
              As I said above, it’s attitude that’s the problem. I know a few overweight people who always sit on the outside seat so that extra body mass is in the empy aisle, rather that in someone else’s seat. See? They actually CARE about not making other people uncomfortable and that means good attitude.

              You have no proper point here. It’s RUDE overweight people I have a problem with, especially since the majority of overweight people have brought it on themselves and are still acting like they deserve special treatment.
              It’s ALL about manners.

  2. i couldn’t have put it better!!

    one other thing i hate though…smelly people on the bus. like…have a shower or something myann!!

    • I agree with Ashi on this one: smelly people are the worst! Esp now with this good weather…guess I’m as sensible as my mother when it comes to this. She can be very rude sometimes, telling people to shower or to use a antiperspirant!
      Anyway..really good post! And a honest one 🙂

  3. Kat

    lol! tis all that can be said!
    I, unfortunately, have to use the bus service far more often than I’m happy with, and my god, do I hate it!
    It’s the cost that gets me most of all..hello! I’m a student, who doesn’t live that far from the city centre, why then does my return ticket cost almost as much as someone who lives a further twenty five mins down the road?! fecking bus eireann!
    I dunno I think you get an awful lot of..well there’s no better way to say it…weirdos on the bus..can’t stand people sitting in my sit either when there’s a load of free spaces and those who refuse to remove their bags when the bus is jammers – so rude!
    Agree with all of this, have experienced all of it!

  4. I hate, hateeee missing the bus by a millisecond, when the bus driver knows you’re there and then just drives off, leaving you to wait for the next (always incredibly, stupidly late) bus. I hate when you finally get this bus and really, really need to get to wherever you’re headed and the driver decides to stop at every.single.stop, even when the bus is packed-thus making you later. Then, finally, getting to the stop just before the stop you need to get off at, and waiting for aaages. Just sitting there, basically enjoying the view. God knows why they do that. I personally think it’s to make their job more enjoyable. Today a bus driver saw an old woman running and still drove off. It’s madness! Seriously boils my blood.

  5. Kar

    “People who sit beside you when there are LOADS of empty two-seater seats.”

    I actually find it a bit creepy when people sit beside you in a two seater when there’s heaps of free ones. Like if the bus is a bit full and the only free ones are down the back, fair enough, cos some people don’t like going all the way down the back, but I was on a bus once and there were literally three people upstairs at nine o clock on a tuesday night, and some auld woman plonked herself and her catfood smell down beside me and started eating a tuna roll! What the hell like?! Sometimes I just hate people!

  6. Great rant! I hate Irish public transport for exactly all of those reasons!!

  7. Eimear

    Ugh I don’t think I could have said it better myself!! I was in Dublin in December, visiting a friend of mine in college for the night. So naturally we decided to have a bit of fun and went for a few drinks with other friends. The next day I was severely hung over and had to get the train home. It was pissing rain all day so I was wet, cold AND hungover when some idiot of a man sits down next to me on the train even though there was a mountain of empty seats elsewhere! If that wasn’t bad enough, I had my earphones in while trying to get a bit of shut eye when HE STARTS TALKING TO ME! I tried my hardest to ignore him yet he persisted. And what’s worse is he got off at the same stop as me. Let’s just say I was in foul mood that night! Irish public transport has a way of pissing people off!

  8. emilycross

    This is not just limited to luas/bus – it happens on trains as well!!

    You pay expensive rates for a SEAT and end up STANDING cause ianrod eireann decided they only need 3 carriages for peak communting hours instead of 6!!!!

    Don’t get me started about standing. . .

    I gave up my seat for an elderly person, while a bunch of young suits sat eyes closed listening to their ipods (this has happened lots of times) but this time – a 7-8 month pregnant woman was also made stand because train was so packed and she couldn’t get a conductor to get her a seat!!!

    No one got up to give her a seat. . . even when i was giving the evil eye


  9. Amen to THAT sister. Bloody passengers.

    Not to mention the buses that stop mid-route for a change of driver WHILE you’re on the way to work, and the new driver is an obligatory ten minutes late. Then instead of apologising profusely and speed-busing it down O’Connell Street and over the bridge he CASUALLY chats to the old driver about weather and the price of eggs. Grrr.

    And don’t get me started on the smelly bus people. Why is it that when it’s freezing out and raining and the bus windows are all closed making it stuffy and stagnant, the most SMELLY person in the universe gets on and sits beside you?! And funnily enough, that packet of Skips you were tucking into now make you want to hurl. Please just wash yourself and your clothes before taking public transport. Thank you.


  10. *sigh* I hear ya.

    My main gripe with the LUAS is that despite it supposedly meaning ‘Speed’ it’s fucking slow as balls

  11. emilycross

    I think you can also add – people who turn on ipods/mp3s onto full blast so whole bus can hear them (and in my case it was a train) repeating the same song over and over and over . . .

    Beyonce has been ruined for me!!!

  12. Weird! I have almost the same issues with the buses in Minneapolis, Mn! I hate other people when I’m on the bus! The seat hogs, the rude fatties, the smellies and the dimwits! It’s exhausting trying to get to work via public transportation because other people are so rude and dumb! There is one fat lady that takes up two seats with her ass AND then she rocks and hums as she reads the Bible. I have seen her in public and when she isn’t working she dresses like a whore, swears like a Sailor and is surrounded by the greasiest of men…the Bible is nowhere to be seen..

    • Awesome, when I read where you were from it reminded me of that scene in the Mighty Ducks 2 where the team all stand up and say where they’re from during the pep talk in the final game!…because loads of them were from your area….K, so this was a pointless comment….lol!

  13. I would gladly elect you spokesperson for Dublin Bus 🙂 I especially hate passengers that lean their heads over to read your texts … i just want to turn around and be all ‘ I can see you. Could you BE any more obvious?!’ …. yes buses bring out my bad side hehe…

    Love love love,



    p.s I dont think i mentioned it but i love your new layout…especially the star bullet points!

  14. Eve

    Ah the bus… I rarely go on buses mainly because public transportation is hard to come by here in the states. I am almost saddened that I have not been able to experience the goods, as well as the bads! Although in the moment I would be very frustrated!

  15. People who sit beside you when there are loads of other empty seats really freak me out. In a way which I only otherwise experience around people with monobrows.

    Also when someone is waiting for a bus and only when it arrives and they get on do they decide to look for change. I mean my gosh were you deliberately waiting and twiddling your thumbs until you could slow up everyone else!

    And skangers who sit down the back playing music aloud on their phone.

  16. Bahahaha I feel SO SIMILARLY about the DC Metro system… the buses here are much better, but the Metro is often a mess!

  17. Conor

    Skangers blaring shitty dance music are something I hate on buses. Though one time a dodgy looking crowd got on, went to the back of the bus, and started playing Elton John and arguing over which version of Candle in the Wind was better. It was hilariously surreal.

  18. kelly

    the worst is when your bus is really late and then when it finally comes fucking flies past the stop because it is already full with people who dont need to get that bus the whole route and so couldve taken a number of other buses! (eg people taking the 128 and getting off at fucking talbot street when the bus is going to rathmines… CMON PEOPLE!) i think there should be like a minimum fare for buses like that to ensure that the passengers are the ones who need to go the full route.. grr >:s

  19. Well personally I love the Luas….because it stops outside my front door and I’m yet to pay for a ticket. Happy days.

    But yeah, buses during the rush hour – nightmare! I’ve found myself clinging on for dear life many a time.

  20. Uh..you’re making me sorta scared of Europe. Haha.
    But I guess it’s a similar situation here with our public utility jeepneys 🙂

  21. i LOVE this post…. i also hate when 3 or even 4 46a’s travel in a pack, as if to taunt you. also when people geton a 145 but can get a 46a…. i hate those people, give us our seats back we have an hour journey, u could walk..ggrrrrr

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