Fantabulous Foto Friday

It’s been a mental week!
Crazy work, crazy weather, crazy conversations…

The Boy: Oh Patrick Stewart was knighted.
Me: WHAT!!!???
The Boy: Patrick Steward…knighted.
Me: HE DIED!!!!????
The Boy: Yeah *looks a little puzzled*
Me: Omg! *looks stricken*
The Boy: It’s not that big a deal.
Me: WHAT!!??? Do you know who Patrick Stewart is!!??
The Boy: Eh…yeah…
Me: Extras!? CAPTAIN PICARD!!??
The Boy: I know…
Me: Oh God! Why aren’t you sad!??? It’s so terrible! I can’t believe he DIED!? Why do all my heroes keep dying this year!!??
The Boy: Oh….I said knighted!!!
Me: Oh….well….that’s ok then….pheeeeeew!

I lived in my wool beanie for most of the year, but it’s just not suiting the recent hot weather!
I need to find a new companion to suit my large head and larger fringe…


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11 responses to “Fantabulous Foto Friday

  1. he was knighted?!?! how odd! but i am glad he is still alive!

    hope you have a fab weekend!

  2. Ina

    such a beatiful images, i always read you but my english it’s not very good, your blog it’s so pretty =D

  3. I too am in search of the perfect summer hat! Although my search is mainly due to my crazy scalp and it’s sun-attracting nature! I always end up with a bright red hair parting….attractive eh?


  5. I adore the modern day fedoras, particularly black with white stripes, it is so funk – chic.
    I was rather confused when you started acting so up set, I mean he said knighted right? Then what the hell is she going on about?

  6. Strangely, i have been thinking for years that he’s already a knight. was just telling the boyfriend a few weeks ago the many reasons why SIR patrick stewart is a fab actor/person. haha. he’s always been a knight for me 🙂

  7. I definitely have a “thing” for hats….I had a weird weekend..rather eventless.

  8. dustjacket attic

    Oh too funny, yeah lose the beanie, it’s overheating your brain in the hot weather..*wink. The hat in pic 2 is perfect.
    xoxo DJ

  9. Rhianne

    lol, thats so funny, I’m not sure I could cope if Patrick Stewart had died!

    the weather really has been crazy, I hope you find a good hat!

  10. I’m lucky I already found The Hat. You can see it on my last post. Good luck with yours!

  11. “I’ve seen everything. I’ve seen it all.”


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