An Update

Hello Lads and Lassies,

I know I’ve been a little MIA this weekend, but I promise I’ll be back on track tomorrow and will come and visit all your lovely blogs.
It’s a Bank Holiday Weekend in Ireland and was also mine and The Boy’s Three Year Anniversary.

We didn’t do anything major, because we’re going to London next weekend, but we still had some lovely hanging-out time.
We went to a new market on Saturday that opened in Dublin last weekend in the Point Village and it’s all sorts of amazing! So much food, old records, live performances, vintage clothing, books, pretty much everything.

Then we made our way to the Quays for the Maritime Festival and looked at the pretty boats and ate hotdogs.

But a most wonderful thing happened on the bus journey home that day.
I was half asleep on The Boy’s shoulder (I can’t stay awake in cars or trains or buses) and in my sleepy haze, I began thinking of a story a started writing about a year ago.

At the time I was quite enthusiastic about is, but after a few days, I realised the story wasn’t going anywhere and I put it to one side.
But on Saturday it all fell into place.
I’ve been so excited this weekend.
I haven’t been excited about writing since I was 17, so this is kinda huge.

So I spent yesterday tap-tapping away at the laptop and got up at 8am this morning, waved goodbye to The Boy at the door (he works in the French department of his bank so he gets different Bank Holidays to me) and have been typing for the last six hours.

I feel like I’ve hit on what White Rabbit fondly describes as The Novel.
Now don’t get me wrong.
I’m not saying it’s a good story idea.
Or ground-breakingly original.
Or even remotely interesting.
I don’t know if my creativity or enthusiasm will last.
Maybe I’ll hit another wall.
But what I do know is that it’s a story I’m excited about.

Wish me luck!!!



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16 responses to “An Update

  1. \o/ YAY! Whilst I’m incredibly jealous that you have found an idea to run with, I’m extremely chuffed for you…you know…that you have found an idea to run with.


  2. Oh and thank you for the link m’dear 😀

  3. emilycross

    Congratulations!!! Wahoooo!

    I absolutely love that feeling (and it’s so rare) – make the most of it!!

    And i’m sure it will be amazing to boot 🙂

  4. Thats so good! Ahh man, I wish my ideas would click into place-I just get bored easily haha
    But the feeling of something slotting into place finally and the feeling of enjoyment when you’re basically working, but working on something you love (like writing) is probably up there with some of the best feelings ever. Good luck!! 🙂

  5. Sometimes I wish that I was remotely good at English and that I could write a novel but I got stuck with the science genes!!
    Good luck with it though, if it’s even half as entertaining as your blog you’re on the right path! 🙂

  6. Yay! Sounds like you’re onto something missus! Godspeed!

  7. Best of luck! I’m experiencing the same craic. A tip is to keep reading books rather than focusing completely on your story it helps to keep the inspiration alive!

  8. Sarah Hannah

    oooh ive recently had a huge writing motivational spurt too! that i also havent had for a very long time. fingers crossed we both stick it out! x

  9. Woo for you! Congrats!

    The amount of half-baked half ideas that I get excited about is amazing… the excitement lasts basically until there’s something good on tv and I get distracted. I wish I found something to captivate me enough to keep writing.

    Until then, there’s always blogging! 🙂 xx

  10. That is great!
    I love it when that happens, you suddenly find thie piece of writing you hadn’t thought about in ages s and the n the storyline just suddenly drops into place.
    I so wish their were more authentic markets in Australiua and near where I live – not that I wouldn’t mind going out of my way for it. But still, most of them these days are so damn commercialized.
    Happy Anninversary.

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