I never told you…

…I eventually decided to invest in this wonderful playsuit from Urban Outfitters:

Isn’t it pretty?
Those of you that befriended me on Facebook knew I was drooling over it, but I can’t remember if I posted about it here!

Anyway, it made its debut at the Maritime Festival on Saturday.
It wasn’t intentional.
I was saving it for a good-weather day and threw it on that morning when I looked out the window and saw the sun shining.

“Very festive,” said The Boy, looking me up and down.
“Huh, so it…awesome!” I replied.

I love it…AND it’s quite flattering!
Although I did have an uncomfortable moment in a Portaloo at the Festival!
I was 6 the last time I had to deal with a one-sie, so I’d forgotten the major drawback…

Next on my To Buy list is this yummy bag on the right…beautiful



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14 responses to “I never told you…

  1. I hear ya on the onesie/portaloo sitch haha. Anyway, the one you’ve bought is lovely! And that bag is pretty fantastic too. I think I’d be adding it to my To Buy list as well, if only shipping to Aus wasn’t so expensive! Ah well.

  2. Playsuits and I can never be friends, sadly. It’s because I’m too short and they are too long.

    Nothing to do with them making me look like a demented midget mechanic or anything.

  3. It’s so lovely! I bought a playsuit from Urban Outfitters last year too. They’re so easy to wear in the summer. I want that bag too! (at least I think it is… the one from UO, right?) Ah I love it. And it’s not too expensive considering the other prices in that shop!
    And argh I know the annoyingness of playsuits and going to the loo as well. Especially if you’re wearing nothing (but underwear, obviously) underneath, I always worry someone will walk in and see me sitting there half naked! x

  4. I want the playsuit and I DEMAND that bag….loves ya

  5. omg that is the cutst romper ever !

  6. so cute! well done!!!

    and thank you for your sweet comment — i really appreciate it.

  7. VERY NICE BLOG!! Come and see mine!

  8. jealousjealousjealous 🙂

    i nominated you for sweetest follower award on my blog so thank you for being a lovely follower and commented an all that…

    Ooh maratime fesitval very nice…!

    Love love love,



  9. Love them both. That first one would look terrible on me… but I think I could totally swing the purse. Good choices!

  10. I love it! I think it looks beautiful!

  11. It’s sad, I know , but I have never in my life worn a playsuit. 😦
    But seeing this now has totally had mer thinking of why I nhave never invested in such a thing. And I truly can’t find an answere that satisfies me.
    In adore the bag, it so reminds me of this satchel my friend has, one that I so very much want to steal.

  12. Thats on my wish list too!!! Looovvvve it!

  13. Love the playsuit and lusting after the bag. I have a dark brown satchel but I love that colour.

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