Musical Musings

As you all know, I am a dedicated GaGa fan and I don’t think I’ve ever said anything negative about her -unless you include me complaining that she doesn’t release a new song every week.

But the Alejandro video….

Lads, I just don’t know.
The song is great, like.
In fact every song on that half-album was amazing.

But the video?
I want to like it.
And I do like parts of it.
I also think that the flared-jumpsuit scene could be interpreted as a tribute to Miss Liza.

Maybe I should sleep on it.

You also know that there are two people in this world that I dislike with a fiery passion: Kristen Stewart and Taylor Momsen.
This is about Taylor.
And it pains me to say this.
But Make Me Wanna Die is actually kinda brilliant.
Typically pretentious and Wannbe-Cool-Cat just like Taylor herself, but still pretty brilliant.
So brilliant in fact that after a internal struggle with my principles, I downloaded it from iTunes last night.

Oh and I also FINALLY downloaded Diana Vickers’ new album after topping up my disposable credit card and paying the €4 I owed iTunes when they let me buy Rosie Thomas’ album last month even though there wasn’t enough money on the card.
Seriously, THEY were the ones who took the money that wasn’t there and I’M sent snotty reminders.
Debt aside, the album is really good (if you ignore the few terribly dodgy tracks). I was just disappointed that she didn’t do a few acoustic tracks, because that’s where her strenghts lay during the X Factor.
We all fell in love with her version of With or Without and Yellow…remember your roots, guuuurl!


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12 responses to “Musical Musings

  1. I really like the stuff on the web with Diana Vickers doing acoustic stuff like Live Lounge etc, I think shes good! And I thought her single was really catchy…

    Not loving the Gaga vid either 😦 I thought it would be more fun but tis kinda dreary and depressing and I hate her bowl haircut (too many memories flooding back!). But I like the scenes with the jumpsuit! Swallowing rosary beads and what not is just strange…

    • Hmmm apparently the Catholic imagery was to represent the soul’s struggle between good and evil in the world and swalling the rosary beads was trying to receive God…or something…

  2. Euch agree about Taylor M, it really bugs me that she has become her on screen character in real life, she really needs to take some of that eye make up off!!!

  3. I agree with you about GaGa, I just didn’t get it! I do now after reading articles about it but it is a bit dreary! Love Diana Vickers album though! I wonder what she’ll be like at Oxegen!

  4. I kinda get the feeling that she just knew the vid for Telephone could not be matched, ever, so she just gave up?

    I just don’t know how to feel about the video. I might sleep on it like you did.

    As for Diana Vickers… I wasn’t her biggest fan when she was on X Factor and I suppose I’m still not. Her voice was a bit on the whiny side for me. But I liked that she never wore shoes. It gave her an air of mystery. Where are her shoes? Is she chronically allergic to footwear? Was she the victim of some fetishist crazeballs who ransacked her entire shoe-drobe?x

  5. oh her video is diar, like after telefone, that was amazzzzing, then this ones like madonna in the ninties… ddont start me on the friar tuck hair cut

    • No matter what she did I don’t think people were going to be satisfied after how huge the last video was, so I think she indulged herself and did something really surreal! I’d say the next video will be amazing!

  6. I cannot stand anything about Taylor Momsen….except that song. Damn it’s catchy.

  7. I was a bit sceptical about taylor Momsens band at first, especially since I love rock music and I HATE when actresses try to get in on a music career (ahem Leighton Meester) but it is actually pretty good. I think I am convinced by her voice because for a girl her age she does have a pretty good rock voice too.

    Another thing I was quite sceptical about was if she was going to make pop rock sort of music and thought – not really room in the music industry for aanother Avril Lavinge (we don’t even need her – only joking. I like her older albums)

    But, no, she does sound she is serious about music and NOT just in it for more stardom although her career in acting gave it a BIG boost. What I also love is how her music might attract girls to rock music ha!

  8. I actually did a review of her band on one of my blogs. Its not the one in my username link thats a diff blog

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