Fantabulous Foto Friday

Gah it’s 7.10am.
I am in work.
I shouldn’t have been in until 7.30am, but transport moved really quickly this morning and here I am.
To be technical, I shouldn’t be in work until NINE O’CLOCK, but people are on holidays and muggins here gets to leave her bed at 5.30am.
For anyone wondering, getting out of bed at that time is REALLY AWFUL!

I’m off to London tomorrow morning, so that’s definitely cheering me up!
It’s my birthday trip from The Boy so Jersey Boys here I come.
Dear God I’m so excited!

Also, there’s something quite exciting happening for me later today, but I can’t tell you just now so watch this space (well not this EXACT space, but ye know, come back and visit!)

No prizes for guessing what today’s foto theme is….


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15 responses to “Fantabulous Foto Friday

  1. I love London despite the fact I got my bag and passport stolen in Soho the last time I was there and spent more time in the Met Police offices than I would have liked. It makes me want to dress like I’m in the 60s when I’m there for some reason

    Have an amazing time!

  2. Eurgh that is so early, poor you 😦
    But WOOO London! You’re going to have an amazing time! 🙂 I’ll look out for you! haha. How cool would that be if we bumped into each other though!

  3. I’m in London this weekend too!

  4. Exciting! Have fun in London. I love that city, always have a great time there. Also OUCH on having to get up at 5.30. I’m a complete disaster at getting up for work in time.

  5. I’m heading to London in two weeks. Literally counting down the days!

  6. whisty

    Awesome photos! Oh LDN! You lucky lucky girl! I’m so excited for you! Have a ball and good lucky with your mysterious, yet exciting afternoon!
    All this excitement makes the getting up at 5.30am a distant memory!

  7. Early mornings suck. LONDON does not suck!!

    I’m jealous (london), pleased (the pretty pictures) and intrugued (the mysterious happening I’m watching a space for) at the same time.

    Enjoy your trip x

  8. Oh Jersey Boys is amazing! Set yourself out about six hours for topshop! Have an amazing time!

  9. Ooh I’m jealous! Hope you have an amazing weekend, I’ve never been to London and I’m dying to go. Take pictures 🙂 xx

  10. Ooh! Is the trip that was previously postponed? ENJOY! Jersey Boys is easily in my top 5 shows of all time….I’ve been 3 times eep! SO MUCH FUN!!!!

  11. Kar

    Ooh, have fun in London, just back from a holiday myself so I’ve got the I-Hate-Being-Back-At-Home blues 😉

  12. Hope your enjoying london lovely!!!
    I HATE when my tram gets to work too quickly! Worst feeling ever being there and knowing you didn’t really have to start for another 30 minutes! xx

  13. I wanted to go to London this summer, but unfortunately it’s not gonna happen. Still i’d really love to visit this city someday, lucky you!

  14. Enjoy your London trip…sounds just fabulous!

    Wishing you a blissful Sunday…cheers: Evi

  15. oh MY i am seriously obsesseed with the uk flag tshirt!


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