Gah Buh Lurb


Yup, in work and blogging by 7:10am again.
The next tram would get me into work a few minutes late so I’m forced to come in 25mins early.

Roll on Wednesday when I’m back to my 9am starts.

So I’m back from London.
Phew, what a weekend.
Saturday was one of those days where you nearly had to suspend belief to wrap your head around the amount of things that went horribly wrong.
This also included having to watch the first 15mins of the Jersey Boys in the lobby.

Oh and I lost my hat!
And any girl who understands the importance of a closet staple that can be worn with anything and everything at any time of the year AND keeps your hair looking good, can understand what a tragedy that is.
It took my three years to find that hat.
We spent two glorious years together and now it is no more *sob*
And I will have to suffer giant frizzy hair until I can find another rare jewel in the hat world that I can wear (I have an odd-shaped head and a big fringe so hats aren’t normally my friends).

Sunday was MILES better and definitely saved the trip. A lot of it was spent in Madame Tussauds where a lot of craic was had.

Oh and I’m frickin awesome at navigating my way around the underground.

But I am absolutely knackered right now, thanks to a delayed flight last night and my brain isn’t really working properly, so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for a proper account of that trip and also some pictures of me with wax statues famous people.

Does anyone else think Garfunkles is the most overrated restaurant possibly ever?
Also my world cup fantasy football team is kicking ass in The Boy’s league, proving my point that football is lame and any eejit can throw together a decent team for fantasy leagues.


EDIT: LOL! By Jebus, just read this post over on Jenny’s blog, and well, I feel like I should retract my Terrible Start To The Holiday whine, because something like THIS could’ve happened…



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11 responses to “Gah Buh Lurb

  1. Suz

    RIP amazo hat – wherever you are! Glad u had fun x

  2. Aww m’dear. Sorry to hear about the tragedy, I really am. Nothing worse than losing something treasured and useful 😦

    Although some things went wrong, I hope you had a really good time!

    Garfunkels is very over rated indeed.

    Did you raid the Topshop pic n’ mix?!

  3. I started putting together a fantasy league. I actually googled who should I pick for my fantasy football team and who is the best goalkeeper in the world. Drove the boy mad!

    Sorry to hear about your hat. I’m the same with hats and sunglasses. Why won’t they all fit me!

    I’m super excireh for my LDN trip now. Wayoh!

  4. Ya know what they say ‘if you love something set it free and if it’s meant to be it will come back to you’! Your dear hat is probably making it’s way to Holyhead as I type!

  5. Eimear

    What’s your news??? The suspense is killing me!! Glad you enjoyed London!

  6. Wasn’t Jersey Boys awesome!!?? I loved seeing it last fall, and it’s coming back to Boston… I want to go again!!

  7. Yup, my exams went well, thank you (l)
    And actually, I don’t exactely live in France, I’m Morrocan, but I speak French 🙂
    Thank you for coming by, I’ll maybe try to translate the entries in English if I have other “international” readers 🙂


  8. Oh- did you like the Jersey Boys?? I saw that and loved it! Sorry about the hat. 😦

  9. Poor you 😦 (about the hat)

    But at least you had fun!

  10. Welcome home darling! I am very sorry you lost your hat 😦
    A good hat is hard to come by, but maybe your time together was up, its ready to sit on someone elses hat and you may find another wonderful hat to fill the void the other left. (I am on a search for a hat, but it is so hard!)

    Yes, portugal are good. I have to admit, i used to like ronaldo, but that was before he became obsessed with prostitutes and tranny looking women.) xxx

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