Conversations with The Boy

Me: Eh, The Boy?
The Boy: Yeah?
Me: So you know how your birthday is in September?
The Boy: Yeah.
Me: And you know how you always say you hate finding out what I’m getting you before your birthday? Like when I told you I was going to bring you to Scotland for your birthday and you cried and said it was ruined?
The Boy: Eh, yeah…
Me: Are there any exceptions to that rule?
The Boy: *looks a little stressed out* uhm…..?
Me: I mean if I, in my super wisdom, think that it’s very necessary that you know beforehand?
The Boy: Well….
Me: Oh and it’s not just because I hate keeping secrets.
The Boy: Well, I suppose if it’s really really really important that I know.
Me: It is.
The Boy: *sighs* Well ok then.
Me: *turns laptop around to face The Boy*
The Boy: *takes about 20mins to process what’s on the screen*
Me: *getting impatient* It’s tickets to the first Man U match of the season!!!!!
The Boy: And are they booked or are you just checking with me?
Me: *rolls eyes* Well it does say it’s a confirmation email! But I had to tell you now because the match is in August and even though it’s a month before your birthday it was the perfect present because you were going on and on about how you wanted to go and didn’t think you’d be able to! And also you’re going to France the week before hand, so you’ll need to budget so you’ll have spending money!!! So I HAD to tell you!
The Boy: *silence*
Me: *worried face* Do you not like it?
The Boy: *looks at me slowly* *smiles* It’s AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: Oh yay! *phew*
The Boy: I’m so excited!!! *pauses* DAMN! You’ve beaten my Jersey Boys present for you!

Lol, score!
*evil laugh*


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10 responses to “Conversations with The Boy

  1. Weird I’m going to that match too! It’s a brill present! Boys never think we’ll take them to a football match!

  2. Hahahahah, you funny chick you!
    My two sons would saw off their right arms (yes, they are both right handed) to attend a Man U match. Living in South Africa……you can imagine it is rather a pipe dream.
    You go girl….I think you have scored enough points to last you…aaah, lets say……till his 40th?
    I pity him if/when you next have a domestic dispute……x

    • Lol, he does way more lovely things for me, so this is just levelling the playing field so he can’t fire anything at me in the next row, lol!

      And yeah, living in Ireland makes it a lot easier to get to matches….still so expensive though! Ferry and plane prices shoot up when there’s a decent match on!!

  3. Kar

    Nicely done, boys are so difficult to buy for!

  4. Oh great present! I get into such a panic buying boys presents, and even more of a panic when I’ve bought it and have to keep it a secret. and even worse when I know they’ve bought me a present and wont tell me. I hate secrets! even good ones!

    Im moving to Manchester next week, so I’m sure I shall have the joys of watching a couple of matches!

  5. B one-upped my Christmas present to him with his anniversary present to me last week.

    IT IS SO ON.

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