Fantabulous Foto Friday

Weeeeeee it’s Friday and my weekend has begun!

AND if that isn’t great enough, myself and The Boy have just booked our tickets to Paris for the end of July!

I think I’ll celebrate with some macarons from Ladurée in Brown Thomas tomorrow!
I can’t get enough of the Rose macarons, but they must remain as treats pour moi, otherwise they won’t be special…

Currently Listening To… Lola -The Kinks



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16 responses to “Fantabulous Foto Friday

  1. I think I’m more in love with their packaging options than the actual macaroon itself.
    Bought a whole lot for my family as gifts after a trip to Berlin……never actually got to taste myself ….just loved the concept as a whole….very pretty stuff :-)) Beautiful pictures. x

  2. L

    if you like rose macarons, you MUST try the ‘ispahan’. It’s like a giant rose maracon with rose petals and raspberries. I think it’s around 6€… totally worth it though! And you can’t get them in BT!

  3. mmm i love raspberry ones.

    you must be so excited for paris !

  4. EEK so exciting! I’ve never had laudree macaroons! In fact I’ve only ever had macaroons that I’ve made myself. I’m going to Paris at the beginnning of September so I’ll have to drag my friend there! You’ll have to recommened the best things to see/ do 🙂 have fun!

  5. Oh I want some. A trip to Brown Thomas is in order!

  6. I’m back!! I have so many blogs to catch up on and you have LOADS of posts for me to read (and chuckle over) to make coming home off holiday seem not so bad!

    Cant belive you have to get rid of your kitties by the way 😦 Gutted for you. My kitty is having babies!


  7. I loveee The Kinks, one of my favourite bands. 🙂

  8. YUM! They look delish! I always eye them up in BTs! Lucky you off to Paris – jellii!

  9. Kar

    I have a rather dangerous addiction to those things…

  10. Oh, wow! They look so yummy. I’ve never had those before. Must try VERY soon!

  11. So nice I found you!! your blog is lovely!! hope you had a nice weekend

  12. I never tried macarons…and I so wanna do that! The places I’ve lived had no macarons at all :-(. I’m sure your Paris trip will be fabulous!

    Wishing you a relaxing Sunday, cheers: Evi

  13. dannidupa

    pretty pretty macaroons. can’t believe the weekend’s coming to an end. hope it was a good one!

  14. johnplayerplz

    I love these things! I bought 4 (praline, carmel, raspberry and rose) and devoured them. Mmm, I’ve never tasted a more delicious rip off in my life haha.

  15. Oh wow! Those look amazing!

  16. I’ve never had a macaron. This is something that must be remedied because those pictures make me very peckish indeed…

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