But they sound like a million colours in your mind

I recently discovered that I’m a music snob.

I spent years rolling my eyes at acquaintences who would sing the praises of some unknown or yet another indie band until they became ‘mainstream’ or were simply liked by a few other people, at which point they’d claim they sold out.

Was it really SUCH a big deal that they’d become ‘popular’?
Isn’t that why most people pursue music careers?

And then Glee happened.

I’m not a chart follower nor do I worship ‘cool’ artists or enjoy going to gigs headlined by a ‘nobody’.
I like to know the words.
I like a catchy melody.
I like music that speaks to me.
I like music that has a soul.

I spit on dance, electro, RnB and screaming metal.

My iPod is filled with old music from the Fifties and before.
Some music from the Sixties.
Pop Rock of the Eighties.
I like to pretend the Nineties didn’t happen musically, although I do have some random nostalgia-inducing songs such as Breakfast at Tiffanies, Mmm Bop and some stuff by the Cardigans.
And then singer-songwriter and some more Pop Rock stuffs from the last decade.
Oh and songs from the musicals, of course.

A lot of my music wouldn’t be known too well by my friends.
They’d know the artists, but they wouldn’t listen to the music.
And I used to love if I suddenly met someone who liked on of those songs>
We were part of a special secret club.

We ‘got’ each other.

I love Springsteen and Meatloaf for their powerful music that makes you laugh and cry and want to dance your memories away.
I love Blondie for their catchy I’m-Not-TOO-Sure-What-This-Is-About-But-It-Works and The Banlges for their Girls-Can-Be-Pretty-And-Have-Feelings-And-Rock-Out music.
I also LOVE Journey.

I have loved them for years.
Long before the famous pilot episode of Glee and even before they were featured in Season Three of Scrubs.
A few years ago, Don’t Stop Believing became popular again and while everyone loved it, no one looked much further into the band.

But now they’ve been featured in Glee a few times, everyone is all “Oh yeah, Journey are so cool!!”.
And screw that!
Journey were mine!
Faithfully was mine and The Boy’s song long before New Directions lost to Vocal Adrenaline with it!
But now if anyone hears that, they’ll be like “Oh so you’re a Gleeeek?”.
That’s been our song for two and a half years and actually MEANS something to us.

And so I’m pissed off that teeny-boppers are claiming my music favourites as their own.
No one had ever heard of Jesse’s Girl while I was singing it into a hairbrush, but because FINN sang it, they’re all over it.
No one had a clue who Heart were until Kristen C. belted out Alone.

And now, like an only child burdened with a young sibling at 23, I’m being forced to share my music with others.
And it sucks.

*sits in a corner and sulks*



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17 responses to “But they sound like a million colours in your mind

  1. I’m a massive music snob. I hate bands that reach the dizzy heights of fame because the likes of NME tell the masses it’s cool to like them. All my music pretty much comes from 60s/70s and before. Those were the days when people made music for the joy of making music, and played festivals for the fun- now it’s all about the money- apart from a few bands- which I think is really sad.

  2. Eve

    I know how you feel. As much a Glee fan as I am I get annoyed that that’s the only reason people like the music. I knew and liked Faithfully long before Glee as well. Back in 8th grade I would listen to it all night long. I guess its like Across the Universe to me as well. Don’t get me wrong I loved the film, but I hated how that caused a massive Beatle music loving period where it was “cool” to like the Beatles.
    I think that music nowadays has really lost its soul, you don’t feel the love in making the music, only the desire to be different and make money.

  3. moncheri2311

    haha I totally get you !!!

    But you have to hand it to glee..they could of picked much worse songs to cover. At least some real classics are getting some long-overdue appreciation- even if that means we have to share 🙂

    I am a huge Springsteen and Blondie fan also 🙂


  4. I completely understand this, I’m the exact same. I’m sort of protective of unknown bands that I like, and then once they hit the mainstream I get really annoyed at people saying how much they love them. In the voice of a whiny 5 year old, “they were mine firstttt!” I do listen to a lot of 80s and 90s music, but I absolutely adore The Shangri-La’s, Nick Drake and Joni Mitchell (some of my favourties!). I think you have to look to music in the past to fully appreciate/berate current music.

  5. christwithana

    im really confused; all the people you listed…no one knew who they were?
    now i feel like an odd person, cause i knew all of them
    and so did (does) everyone i know
    so are we just weirdddd? ahh well, they’re delicious music, and if you dont know them (any of them) thats just a shame
    especially jesse’s girl; HOW DOES ONE NOT KNOW THAT SONG?
    ok im done 🙂

  6. My iPod is filled with old music from the Fifties and before.
    Some music from the Sixties.
    Pop Rock of the Eighties.
    I like to pretend the Nineties didn’t happen musically, although I do have some random nostalgia-inducing songs such as Breakfast at Tiffanies, Mmm Bop and some stuff by the Cardigans.


  7. I’m a complete music snob too. I was into bands like Bloc Party, The Strokes & The Libertines etc back when they were releasing their EPs. Hell I even saw Bloc Party in a room with 12 other people. To be honest, the fact that I really DID like them before they were famous only to have people accuse me that I’m just pretending I did annoys me more than the bands being so popular that I can’t see them in small venues any more.

  8. Music does make the world go round. And is very personal of a story. Just keep listening to what your heart hums to you. Regardless of your friends.

    I use music for everything – – distressing, inspiration for fashion blogging, art impulses…

    Now I’m into Rihanna. And so what if my entourage doesn’t like her. I do.

  9. I always maintained throughout my life that I was NOT a music snob, not the type to get angry just because some band or artist I passionately loved became mainstream or you know they only listen to them because it’s “cool” to do so…. But alas, I have to admit that I did absolutely FLIP when I discovered a group of girls I was in school with talking about Rory Gallagher as if they were his best friends… GAH.

    And same with musicals like Aida and Wicked. I went to see both of those yearsss ago, just when they both started. And I’ve seen Wicked twice! And now everyone and their Ma is mad for it….and everyone LOVES Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenoweth now too. I SAW THEM ONSTAGE IN WICKED BEFORE GLEE WAS EVEN A CONCEPT!!! 🙂

    Rant OVAAA xx *In short, I totally get what you’re sayin’* x

  10. Eimear

    I agree with what you’re saying, but do you not think it’s good that shows like Glee are raising awareness of these artists? Like I totally hate when people claim to love it JUST BECAUSE it was on Glee or something (just using Glee as an example) but what about the people who truly do love the music and just hadn’t discovered it before? For me, I have gotten into a load of bands from soundtracks, especially the Twilight Saga movies (I know, shoot me, but they choose really good music!) So many unknown bands are now known because of these movies and I for one, am really glad they were featured because I would never have heard of them otherwise. I think the only time this recognition truly sucks is if the band sells out, and lets fame get to their heads. Then I wouldn’t be happy. But otherwise I don’t think it’s such a bad thing. Although I do say ”HA! I liked them when they were playing their music out of the back of their garage!” Just because I can 🙂

  11. I’m can’t claim to be a snob, I like Glee and love a bit of Country. (Oh, Dolly, how do you now my heart so well?) but I get so irrationally cross whenever someone starts supporting a band which I’ve supoprted for years. Like Duke Special or Juliet Turner – I saw them first, when they were a blip on the musical map.

    You can’t just start liking them now that they are “big”. They are mine. You can’t have them!

  12. If it’s any consolation, Don’t Stop Believin’ came back to prominence because of the final episode of Sopranos , long before Glee gleed all over the floor.

    And I really, really dislike Journey, so you’ve nothing to worry about from me!

  13. Right first off I hate music snobs. The ones who will almost stop being interested in a band once they hit the big time. It’s just silly if you like the music you like it no matter how famous they are.
    However, when Finn sang the Doors and all of a sudden everyone was listening to them, I got mad.
    People who have glee versions of songs on their ipods annoy me, especially when they are listening to a glee version and go ‘omg I looove Billy Idol’ No you don’t you love Glee!

  14. Total music snob here too! Infact I loved that when I got back from Primavera I could talk about all the up and coming bands I saw – and I know that once everyone loves them I wont talk about them anymore 😦 I hate being this way but yup, snob snob snob….!

  15. whisty

    Amazing post! Spectactular analogy of new-gens stealing your fave music. Equally genius description of Blondie.

  16. theboywhofoundfear

    In fairness everyone knew Heart- Alone

    but I definitely get where you’re coming from… we just need to learn to share…

  17. Haha, I’m exactly the same, it will pass though, they always do…

    Got to love Bruce!

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