My own personal brand of heroin

I may have scoffed, but that quote has become strangely relevant to me…

So Twilight…

Why is it that something you supposedly despise gets so much post time?
Shut up, Head Voice.
No seriously, you never shut up about it!
Because it annoys me greatly and my lack of understanding of its popularity scares and confuses me!
You loooooooooove it.
Shut it! I’m just fascinated by its crapness!
Funny, that’s what I said to your Ma last night…

Anyway, crazy-person rant over, I discovered the fifth installment (or sixth, if that Bree book even remotely counts, which it DOESN’T) of the Twilight series today.
Midnight Sun.
(imaginative title….)
I don’t know about you guys, but I didn’t know this existed.
It’s Edward’s account of the first book and the first twelve chapters were leaked online a couple of years ago, so Stevie M put them on her website for all to read and seems to have decided not to carry on with the book (for now).
And yeah, SHOCK, I’m going to start reading it myself after I finish this post.
I’m a glutton for punishment.

EDIT: Shocking this instalment was WORSE than the previous four books. Meyer….she’s just….so….AWFUL! And it’s even LESS believable that Edward is in love with Bella because her face is actually always red and she just falls over things and walks into things ALL THE TIME. I’m not even exaggerating! She comes across as being very ‘special’ and not in the ‘lovely and unique’ way -in the ‘Are you in Special Ed?’ way.


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17 responses to “My own personal brand of heroin

  1. I heard about that book- I thought it never got published?

    I want to read the new one…Bree Tanner. I saw it in the store- it’s tiny, so I’ll prob read in a day lol

  2. I’m in a similar state of confusion about them, but that does not expalin why I just listened to them this week for the second time on audiobook, shh don’t tell anyone else though, it’s a secret.
    I’m looking forward to seeing the new film, it will probably be really awful, but I don’t care, the 16 year old version of me will still love it. All my friends who watch/read the twilight series live in Kildare so I might need to beg the boyf to go with me. I’m not sure if I’m forgiven yet for the atrocity that was SATC2 though.

  3. Midnight Sun is better in that you don’t have to endure Bella’s whiney, self-involved point of view. Unfortunately you have to suffer Edward singing her praises. If it’s not already clear, I don’t like Bella.


      And its cracking me up that Edward keeps saying she’s so GOOD and SELFLESS in Midnight sun! It’s REALLY obvious that he can’t see inside her head!

      Also, have you noticed that Steph is trying to show why the Super Hot Edward fell for Bella and there’s always the hint that Bella was too modest (depressed and sulking) to see how she really looks. But Edward’s perception of her is that she has GIANT eyes (that are either large with fear or squinted in annoyance), lots of hair, a tiny frail frame, hunched shoulders, a constantly red face and is apparently ALWAYS tripping up and falling over ….she sounds feckin’ deformed!

      • Yeah, Stephanie Meyer is an awful writer. In fairness, the story is a good idea. It’s just executed terribly. Edward is the only well constructed character and even then there are several holes to him. The rest, she says they are one thing and then has them do something completely out of the character she has portrayed and expects it to be believable. THE WOMAN DRIVES ME MAD.

        Also, what in the name of sweet jebus is a vampire doing COVERED in glitter?!

  4. Someone please agree with me that Stephanie Meyer is a TROLL!

  5. Twilight?! Retreat! Retreat!

  6. I just cant bring myself to read it

  7. Kar

    The Bree Tanner one is pointless, my friend bought it for SIXTEEN euro (unbelievable ripoff, its about a hundred pages!) and then discovered that you can in fact read the whole thing online!! Serious dead horse flogging going on.

    I am over Twilight. I’m not ashamed to say I was quite obsessed with them for a while, but then when you finally crawl out of that sparkly vampire light cave you’ve shut yourself away in and read something half decent, you realise what utter crap you’ve been swooning over for so long! They’re dangerous, life consuming books they are…

  8. Gah! I never heard of Midnight Sun before! No doubt I will read it so. I am a tad obsessed… reading the book about Bree at the mo (what can I say I am a sucker for the whole Twilight saga!… I miss teenage romance… wah. )
    Very excited to see Eclipse next week!

  9. Blau Von T – Don’t read it. I tried and it upset me so much I wanted to claw out my eyes for ever having started. I refuse to read any more because it’s so upsetting

  10. Sarah Hannah

    i wish i never read this post. now im all interested. oh god why do i do this to myself!

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