There’s a mark upon your skin where your heart used to be…

This is the room my future children will grow up in.
All together.
Cos I’m way too lazy to decorate three rooms this way.
One room for them all…it’s a big bed!

I experienced some serious cockle-warming in the heart region yesterday when I was standing at my bus stop.

An elderly tourist was perambulating down the path towards me clutching a touristy book.

Looking a bit lost, he signalled to a fifty-something-year-old in a suit, obviously looking for directions, and the business dude brushed him aside with a wave of his hand and kept on walking!

How Rude!!!!!

As the tourist stood looking embarrassed, a girl about my age walked over to him and very nicely asked him what he was looking for and directed him to it with a big smile!

Twas lovely to watch!
So the next time I hear some oul wan going on about “the young ones” I’m going to rub that in her face!

In other news…a friend of mine recommended Peacocks to me, cos she thought the dresses would suit me!
Colour me won over!



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22 responses to “There’s a mark upon your skin where your heart used to be…

  1. That bed is fabulous!
    How nice of that girl…and rude of the other guy!

  2. Sarah Hannah

    young people can be so sweet…

  3. whisty

    What a lovely dress and what a lovely young lady she was to assist the perambulating gent!
    Cockles well and truly warmed!

  4. That bedroom is a fairytale wonderland. Your kids would all grow up to have great imaginations if they had that room. 🙂

    And that is so sweet about the girl helping the tourist. I try to be that person anywhere I can. It doesnt take a second to improve someones day with a smile. And it costs you nothing.

    A x

  5. I find that old people are either REALLY nice or REALLY horrible – the two extremes. I used to do a lot of charity collections and some of the old people that came past were SO rude to us. At least the young people who didn’t donate looked kinda guilty about it! But as I said, other old people were the sweetest people ever. I guess your true personality shines through as you age or something.

  6. Elderly people often seem to believe the image of youth that the media conjured up and can be downright ignorant as a result.
    Dublin Bus is a good example of this. When you’re queueing up on O’Connell Street and some biddy swats you with her handbag and bulls past you to get on first.
    I don’t care how old you are, join the queue like everyone else. If you get on and there are no seats left I’ll happily give up mine to you! Women! 😀

  7. OMG WHERE IS THAT DRESS FROM. I must have it!!!!!!

  8. Oh. Peacocks. Got it.

    Sorry, I got a bit excited in the pants (dress) there…

  9. Awh that is the most loveliest room ever! x

  10. I saw this dress in the UK last week and it’s so well made. Def look fab on you!

  11. forget the kids, gimme!

  12. That girl was really nice to this guy.

  13. Planning a big family, eh? 🙂 Great idea because this world needs people who share your wit and delightful take on life.

  14. Looks like you’re into vintage these days… Isn’t it fun trying to figure out one’s current style moods?

  15. That’s the bedroom of my dreams!

  16. Oh that room is really lovely…and the dress too 🙂 Very pretty post !

    Happy Friday.

    Cheers: Evi

  17. Kat

    I actually ADORE that dress! love the minty colour too and the interesting neckline

  18. What a great room and a wonderful place to have a bedtime story read. I love it.

  19. Kar

    I want that room! I must have it!

  20. L.

    wow what a gorgous room, really amazing, i wish i grown up there

  21. I kind of want to live in that room…that bed is ah-mazing!

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