It lies beneath a shade of Blue

Ok so I’m back!
The period of self-involvement  has ended.
Thank you so so so so so so much to all of you for your supportive comments, wonderful emails and even texts.
You guys brought me back from my slump and I’ll honestly be eternally grateful.
I’m moving on from it all and I’d really rather not talk about it, which is why I haven’t replied personally to emails and comments.
But they really all meant so much to me, so thank you thank you thank you once again!

I’m starting back slowly with some editorial pics so that I’ll have time to catch up on all your blogs.
These are of Natalia Vodianova in the September 2006 issue of W.
I think the pictures are nice.
(I’m just amazing at analysing pictures….I think it’s my calling….)



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20 responses to “It lies beneath a shade of Blue

  1. emilycross

    Glad your back Hermia. It may be my computer or something but I can’t see any of the pics (unless i hover over them and link thing pops up)

    thought i’d let you know. 🙂

    P.S. Glad things are better too

  2. I can’t see any pics either! 😦

  3. Those images are great!!

  4. Welcome back lovely. It’s nice to be reading your blog again. L.x

  5. Welcome back! 🙂

    Nice editorial- love the head to toe styling.

  6. Eimear

    Glad to see you back so quickly! x

  7. Welcome back! 🙂 Glad you’re feeling better. Hope everything worked out for you ok 🙂

    Love the pics, Kinda want pink hair now…. xx

  8. Eve

    Welcome back! I love Natalia! She’s my favorite. I especially love the first picture!

  9. So glad you are back. And this editorial is cute,I like it!

  10. I think the pictures are nice.
    (I’m just amazing at analysing pictures….I think it’s my calling….) –> Yay the humor is back. Feel better, lady 🙂

  11. whisty

    Hugs rights back atcha.
    Yeah, agree. Those pics are nice!
    🙂 Xx

  12. Yay you’re back! Those photos are gorgeous, love the colours.

  13. thanks God…I was starting to get the shakes x

  14. ah glad your back, your blog is my absolute favourite!
    Love this editorial

  15. Are you okay now, love? I missed that…was on a break, too!

  16. Welcome back!
    Love those photos.
    That girl can carry off pink hair.

  17. Welcome back! 😀 ❤
    The pictures are stunning, I love the colours. :3

  18. Welcome back. Glad you are on the mend.
    “nice” is a good word….I think?…..we can start with nice….yes, nice is good!

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