It was a graveyard smash….

Meet The Cat Statue:

This was a Christmas present for me from The Boy’s Ma and while it’s lovely and hand-carved and kinda cool to stare at during the daytime, the thing has been known to give me mini heart attacks at night.

If the Scream 4 people are looking for a new mask, this is the way to go.

See the problem is that we haven’t found a specific place to put it yet, so it gets moved around a lot and I never know where I should expect to see it.

So what happens is that I’ll get up during the night for a glass of water, I’ll pad down the hallway that is lit by a single in-the-ceiling halogen bulb (the rest don’t work anymore and we can never find the caretaker to fix them) and when I open the sitting room/kitchen door, the dim light will shine directly on wherever that statue is and I will think a possessed cat has escaped from Pet Cemetary and come for my brains.

A couple of weeks ago, The Boy decided it would be hilarious to use this against me.
I’m a teeth-brushing-wanderer.
As soon as the toothbrush is in my mouth I start strolling around the apartment.
So I load up my brush with toothpaste and step out into the dark hallway and there in the middle of the walkway is The Cat Statue.
“The Boy!!!! I’m going to kill you!” I shout through a mouthful of toothpaste.
I go back into the bathroom to spit and when I come out again, The Cat Statue is sitting even closer to me.
“Not funny!!!!” I shout again walking into the sitting room where The Boy is sitting on the couch looking innocent.
The third time I come out of the bathroom, I catch him moving the statue, so it was a little less creepy, and I made him bring it back into the sitting room.
I fill my glass up with water at the kitchen sink and The Boy heads into the bedroom and when I come out, the frickin statue is sitting in the dark hallway staring at me with its crazy zombie eyes.

My poor heart.


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19 responses to “It was a graveyard smash….

  1. so if i ever crash on your couch, please hide that x

  2. Ha! That thing is freaky…

  3. Hahaha this made me laugh!

  4. Gahhhh!!!! HA! That cat is deadly! I want!

  5. Haha that cat is kinda creepy? lol

  6. I feel your pain.

    I’m that scared of ALL my furniture/statues/picture frames/stairs etc. if it’s dark. I have been known to scream at my own bed.


  7. Just looking to the picture is kinda scary. If was me I would trow away. I used to have a doll that creepy me out, so I put her in another place, not in my room! I didn’t like to sleep and thinking the doll was looking at me…

    Sounds like a scary movie, and I don’t like them! Just vampires and blood. Lool.

  8. I’d definitely scream if I see poor zombie cat at night…I appreciate the sense of humour though! lol

  9. Bahahaha! Sorry, that’s lousy but pretty funny nonetheless!

  10. Kar

    Oh creepy! Porcelain dolls used to freak the crap outta me… I was staying in my friend’s house one time when I was about twelve and she thought it would be uber funny to put her’s in my sleeping bag… there were tears. And much psychological damage.

  11. Put the kitty away! *cries*

  12. Just the laugh I needed right now to cheer me up!
    Ask “The Boy” to hint to his mom to get you a gift voucher next year. 🙂

  13. Amy

    So gas! poor you – & the poor cat – to live with a crazy carved face for all eternity…evil midnight cat shifting statue…shudder!!!

  14. the statue’s eyes must scare you sometimes in the night…i have two similar ones and although they are so cute, when i forget they are there, i get a little frightened when it’s dark

  15. Scary! And I’m a wandering tooth-brusher too. I just can’t sit still for that long!

  16. The cat’s kinda cute, in a very creepy way! 😡

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