Random Update

I’m a little out of the blogging rhythm after missing my usual posting schedule earlier on in the week, so I’ll start again fresh on Monday.

Right now, I’m trying to make some progress on The Book, while surrounded by a couple dozen cupcakes.
I’m been baking away the sadness this week.
Today is the The Boy’s friend’s birthday, so I got up early to make him a fresh batch.
Here are a few of them…

The lighting in the pic is terrible because it’s LASHING here today and dark and cloudy so I have the apartment lights on and the camera flash makes them look shiny and horrible, so I turned it off.
So now they look dull and blurry.
Muuuuch better.

Buttercream Icing for all!
The cream-coloured one is Vanilla, brown is Chocolate (duh), pink is Vanilla and Almond and the blue is plain Almond.
It smells like Christmas in the apartment right now!

No funny anecdotes today.
Oh well except for when The Boy came home a little tipsy *cough* during the week and proceeded to tell me he wasnt “drunkly”.
I was amused and have been doing Drunk The Boy Impressions all week!



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16 responses to “Random Update

  1. Zoe

    i really love how you’ve iced these, it looks much pretty than my lame efforts at applying the icing smoothly! do you just use ordinary fairy cake cases? its a bit of a dilemma because we don’t have cupcake cases per se here, either fairy cases which are on the small side or muffin cases which is just far too decadent!

  2. Bake away girl…it’s good for the soul and a far better choice than happy pills!
    Sending you love, light and strength and wishing your sadness disappears like a poof into thin air :-))

  3. They look Nom-tastic.

    If you like weird buns, you should try making strawberry cheesecake muffins/buns – they’re the most filling things ever, plus they’re like a taste sensation!

  4. i kinda just licked the computer screen

  5. Those look delicious! Love the colors.

  6. Zakerius

    For my birthday can I have some of them too please?

  7. Suz

    MMM yummy! You’ve inspired me – Im going to bake next weekend…though I doubt my end product will looks as pretty as this!

  8. That is so yummy!!
    your blog is adorable love it!

  9. Can’t beat a good cupcake! 🙂

  10. meg

    teach me how to make almond! that sounds amazing!!

  11. Yum! I had so much fun baking cupcakes for the 4th of July and now I’m craving some more time to bake.

  12. Baking is always fun, my friends and I get together every month or so just to bake a cake or cupcakes or such! It’s always fun at sleepovers, too. x3

    I’ve never tried vanilla and almond, or plain almond icing. I bet it tastes delicious!

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