But this world was not for you…

In April 2004, my life changed forever.

I counted up the money I’d been given for my 17th birthday and realised that I had enough to buy a GHD.

Up until that point, my hair was uncontrollable.
Giant, frizzy and far too long.
My mother hadn’t a clue how to deal with my thick curly nest and so, instead of giving me a style, she concentrated on brushing it a lot, so that it grew in size and threatened to eat the people I sat next to in school.

I tried frizz-controlling gels and creams that proved useless.
I spent hours blow-drying it straight only to have it triple in size and frizz out within a half hour.
I saved up and bought a Remington Hair Straightener for €40, only to have it make the frizz WORSE.

I spent years of school being called Bum Fluff.

And then, GHD came along.
It was heavy and sturdy and made from fairy dust.
For the first time in my life I had non-humiliating hair.
It was normal looking.
It had a naturally straight look and I abandoned my frizzy curls forever.
I gained some confidence.
I was finally not thought of as The Ugly Friend.

Six wonderful years we spent together.
Me and GHD.

And then two weeks ago, smoke started billowing from it.
GHD died and so did a piece of my heart.
Yesterday I bought a new one.
Sure it works just as well, but it’s a stranger.
It’s skinny and light and it beeps at me.

I miss my Old Reliable.
I will never forget you.



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14 responses to “But this world was not for you…

  1. Hah this is so funny. I too have unruly wavy masses of hair and the GHD was possibly the best thing that ever happened to me. I even remember my first time…. Likewise, at Christmas just gone, mine sparked and smoked and died. I got a new one immediately but I still think I prefer my old one! I have a feeling this one won’t last as long either….

  2. Ah, the reliable GHD. No matter what kind of Woohooing your barnet does, it always sorts it out. My hair is frizzy too, almost to the point of curls, but not quite reaching it. But what’s worse – I have THIN hair. So when it frizzes up I look like I’m going bald.

    What did the world DO before the GHD was first released?!x

  3. You do have utterly smashing hair! I hope this new straighteners will do it proud! X

  4. The ghd saved my hair too! That beep will be the death of it though.

  5. The world definitely would be a sad place without the straight hair irons. i just can’ t live without mine, I would feel lost…

  6. Eve

    I love how some objects in life are so meaningful even though they can always be replaced! It’s odd, but then again it isn’t because that object was like the “first best friend” of its kind. You know?

  7. Zoe

    ah girls and their hair, such a complicated relationship. i have thick, poker straight that is so limp and lifeless, its so boring that somedays i dream of out of control dreamers hair á la kate bush!

  8. I can’t believe your GHD lasted 6 years! That is impressive… mine never last more than 3! They really are the best invention ever, what would we do without them!

  9. awh, I’m so very sprry for your loss

  10. R.I.P old reliable. :-((
    I come from the era of flicks and perms. A really bad perm cost me a 1/4 of my scalp once….had to style all over to the one side to hide the bald spot….think this eventually started a new trend…..but most people thought I had lost the plot!
    I cannot beleive you were 17 in 2004…..God I’m old!

  11. Kar

    I forget what my life was like before my GHD entered it… you’ve scared me though, mine has been around for about five years and has recently started making funny noises… I can’t afford a new one right now so I’m taking the ‘if I don’t hear/feel random electric shocks, its not a real problem’ attitude.

  12. I don’t really have much to complain about my hair, it’s not frizzy, it’s not curly (but not straight or wavy, either. It’s kinda in between those two :P), it’s not out of control…

    But I do hope your new GHD works wonders, just as your old one did!

    rip old reliable (L)

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