bright lights from giant wheels fall on the alleyways

Looking out my window at heavy clouds, pouring rain and an endless sea of grey reeeeaalllly makes me appreciate this bubbly shoot featured over on Cherry Blossom Girl.

It took me a while to like Alix’s black outfit in the middle of all those candy colours, but it’s definitely growing on me.
Louise is perfect and I do love her hair bow!
Once again I’m raging about the fact I do not have an hat-and-accesories shaped head.



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13 responses to “bright lights from giant wheels fall on the alleyways

  1. Those images really leave me craving sun and candyfloss! Instead I have wet shoes and a broken umbrella (thats centra quality for you)!!!

  2. oh how i swoon for those gals

  3. Those pics are adorable!

  4. Have a similar head shape problem! That’s why I’ve abandoned head gear to drool over those MiuMiu shoes! Yum.

  5. Eve

    I know! I’m totally i love with this as well! I think I started drooling the first time I saw it! They seem like they have such lovely lives!

  6. I would love some dark clouds and rain right about now! It is so hot over here and everyone at home is like “you’re so lucky!” but in reality it is SO hard to go to work and to the supermarket and do normal everyday life things in this intense heat! Mammy!

  7. *swoon* I wanna go to a funfair now

  8. Zoe

    I was there this time last summer, oh what an enchanted life those girls lead!

  9. Those pictures look amazing!! :3

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