Everywhere you turn is heartache

I very rarely feel this way, but watching TV’s Style Wars last night, I felt a little ashamed to be Irish.

In general, we don’t do well with reality TV shows.
UK shoes like The X Factor and Big Brother always choose the weirdest and most delusional Irish contestants they can find, selling our nation as backward, freaky and desperate.

Need I say anymore?

And then our own national TV stations run shows like Your A Star and Fame and The All Ireland Talent Show, which are always low-budget, cheap-looking productions with nobodies as judges/mentors/tag-alongs and stupid, untalented contestants.

Even The Apprentice, a show supposedly highlighting the high level of skill in the Irish business industry, managed to bring in complete idiots who fumbled blindly from task to task.

Knowing what a great fashion blogging scene Ireland has, when I heard they were doing a Style reality show, I was really excited.
Finally, we’d produce a show that showed some genuine talent!

But no.
Of course not.

Don’t get me wrong.
There were/are a couple of people worth some praise, but they’re completely overshadowed by the arrogance, brashness and bad attitude of the other contests.
And even if they didn’t have that holding them back, there are given pathetic tasks, used simply to promote some awful brand looking for some publicity.
Last night’s task: style an outfit and shoot for Lipton Tea.

A STYLE show.
And they’re stuck designing for a variety of tea flavours.

The contestants themselves are something I can’t get my head around.
One of the girls, Roisin, has her styled summed up as the following:
Her contemporary look has been described as Lady Gaga meets Deirdre Barlow.

How does that sound even remotely appealing!?
Irish and British people have been horrified by Deirdre Barlow’s ‘style’ for decades now (she’s a long-standing character on a British soap), so how can that possible be deemed as a good thing.
I’m still trying to figure out which blind monkey suggested there was some Lady GaGa mixed into her style.

Most of the contestants are just as abysmal.
I had my eye on Grace Mangan and Zoe Wong as the contestants with the most potential.
Zoe was kicked out during the first week.

Caprice is one of the judges.
Should I really be surprised at how the show is going?


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20 responses to “Everywhere you turn is heartache

  1. We really let ourselves down when it comes to TV shows. Seriously, its as if something can’t look good just because its made in Ireland, tv show wise. Grrr. That Fame: The Musical thing was a piece of crap. None of the contestants were broadway or West End standard, not by a long way. Anyone in Ireland who has the talent for these things doesnt need to enter one, because their talent has been recognised elsewhere in the world.

    ANYWAY. Yes, I was full of hope for Style Wars too. Disappointment. 😦

    • I actually knew a couple of girls from college who entered that and they should’ve gotten through. They are seriously amazing and one of them actually played the part of Serena in the DCU Drama Fame production and the role was just made for her! It’s honestly like the judges in most of these shows don’t recognise actual talent!!!

  2. You’re completely right, its especially painful when they try to replicate the classic British shows and get it so so wrong. Eamon Dunphy presenting The Weakest Link, anyone? *shudder*

    Still, I can’t help crossing my fingers for an Irish Come Dine With Me…I think it would really be our chance to shine!:-)

  3. It’s shows like this that encourage me to hide behind my sofa when the TV Licence inspector comes knocking. When I get caught (or just give in and pay up) I won’t give an excuse. Rather a long-winded speech about how I’m not paying for a service which is, in all honesty, shite.

    I’ll go to the Post Office tomorrow.

    • Eeep! I’m hiding from him too! I refused to answer my door last week in case it was him and it turned out it was the postman delivering a mystery package I wasn’t expecting and now it’s stuck in the collection office and I can’t get to it cos I’m in WORK!

  4. I cringe because of these local budget productions. Decent lighting is an INVESTMENT dammit

  5. emilycross

    I’m so sick of Rte replicating UK reality shows. enough is enough!!

    How sad is it that even a show about irish priests had to be made by an english channel cause irish tv is soooo useless!

    And don’t get me started on the ‘cut my wrist’ depressing recession programmes on rte1, like we need constant reminder of how shit recession/mental illness/death is!

  6. Damn I wished I hadnt missed the last episode now…

    Oh and dont judge me but Jedward are in Cork on Sunday, I have the day off….see where I’m going with this?

  7. i hate how sometimes nations or certain communities are badly portrayed on tv. portuguese people suffered from the same problem, it’s quite sad.

  8. Zoe Wong’s brother is in my class, I have met Zoe and her style in person is amazing, and she has a completely lovely personality, still struggling on how she got kicked out in the first week for som of those other gits. But maybe I’m biased.

  9. Zoe

    My brother Zeno told me to check this blog out and I’m glad I did. Not only for the lovely comments from Sara and Hermia but because its great to see such a beautiful and well written blog on Irish shores. The femininity, style of interface and choice of images are really wonderful Hermia. As for Irish television, Style Wars is a show with a great formula- its got fashion which must people assume is a glamourous industry, a great mix of people and personality clashes which lend to good television for the public. I don’t own a television and only watch documentaries, movies and certain shows online so I filter what goes into my brain. One thing I can say is that its even harder to watch when you see people you like and respect go through the tough process of “reality” tv.

    Continue the great blogging and I’ll be clicking in for my pretty blog fix.

    • Thanks so much for commenting, Zoe! I’m genuinely gutted I didn’t get to see more of you on the show!
      One of my problems is that I’m not a huge fan of what reality TV has become. It’s more about sensationalism now than about actual life.
      I was looking forward to watching the show, but they’ve centred it around everyone’s problems with Dee and the few mini strops from some other contestants! The actual talent is being drowned out!
      I wanted to see fashion and style and what each contestant could do. This “you have half an hour to run around a shopping centre and find an outfit” business isn’t a proper insight! I know from my own experience it’s not as glamourous as most people think, but I did expect it to be about Fashion and Style and not about who’s bitching the most…..and tea flavours!lol!

      Thank you so much again for your lovely comment! 🙂

  10. Kar

    I avoided watching Style Wars … I agree, Irish reality tv just can’t cut it (ahem, no pun intended). The last thing I bothered to grant some of my spare time to was Celebrity Salon, and this was train wreck programming at its worst.

    I’m not a fan of reality tv in general, but the X Factor is really about the only thing I can stand. Don’t get me STARTED on Big Brother, grrr!

  11. God that sounds AWFUL! I haven’t watched it yet, after reading that I may avoid it! x

  12. I’ve only seen the first episode and I thought it was ok! But I agree that irish tv shows are generally shite. The All Ireland Talent Show….what was that. Its so embarassing when compared to the UK shows.

    As for Fame, my friend Ben won that, and I think he was a totally deserving winner. He is very talented, although he might not be up there with the west end stars, he has some amount of ambition and drive!!

    Still, raging im missing the rest of Style wars!

  13. I know this is a comment on an older post, I just had to post on this. Honestly it is an embarrassment! I just don’t really understand it… they’re styling stuff? Honestly if they put a few of us bloggers in there (winkwink) they’d have a much better show… juss sayin…
    Most of them are pretty woeful and as you said the ones with talent do let their personality get in the way. And Caprice? Seriously they could have gotten someone so much better, I’d struggle to call her a model (I don’t usually count page 3 stars as models), let alone a designer.

    And I’m glad I’ve found your blog, it’s brilliant. 😀

  14. ena

    uugh caprice.. why is she a judge, in the words on Nikki from big brother,
    “Who iiiiiis she, who IS she?”

    in what parallel universe would you think, oh i need some style advise, who is the most stylish person i can think of… i know Caprice…

    only if you are a white-trash/chav with awful extentions and two much lipliner would this be a valid thought…

    oh that was quite the rant…i feel better ( dont get me started on the deidre barlow style icon)

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