Fantabulous Foto Friday

I had a thought the other day.
I talk about The Boy quite a bit on the blog, so you must feel like you know him at this stage.
So wouldn’t it be nice to hear from him directly?

I’m trying to persuade him to do a post, but I think he’s shy.
He doesn’t know what he’d write about.
So I’m asking you guys to help him!
What would you like him to talk about?
Leave comments with your suggestions or ask questions that you want him to answer!

Today’s foto theme is Black And White…



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15 responses to “Fantabulous Foto Friday

  1. Ina

    Oh beatiful pictures =D


  2. Lovely! Plenty of hilarious The Boy moments on here! I think he should get revenge and tell us of your finest hours! 🙂

  3. I think he should tell us how he feels when you are completely wrapped up in your blog….talking to us.
    Is he jealous…does he ever wonder who we are…..who are these people that “the girl” keeps nattering to?
    How does he feel (now that you are famous and all…The Dubliner) about eventualy….okay possibly becoming Mr Chick named Hermia?
    Is he frightened by all the potential fame?
    Does he feel there is a whole nother life out there that exists for you….that he is not part of?
    Oh, the material is endless…what does he want to write about?
    I would like to see if he has the same sort of approach as my husband…supportive of what I do cause it’s cheaper than therapy? (just kidding)
    Would LOVE to hear from the boy….come on…..put it out there 🙂

  4. this are so beautiful!!! I love the last one most above all

  5. Allison

    Let him write about football or hurling, even cinema or literature. Not about feelings, hes a guy for Gods sake. allison

  6. SANDWICHES! I want to hear The Boy talk about sandwiches

    That or what it’s like being part French. My heritage seems so dull in comparison

  7. christwithana

    if The Boy did an entire post in french, it would make my life 🙂

    and i have un questione: where did you get that third photo? i think its simply gorgeous

  8. I’m with Emma!
    Amazing photos by the way!

  9. Ooh how exciting. He should write about something he’s passionate about, be it you, be it Stephen King novels, be it patterned Y-fronts. Passionate writing is always guaranteed to be good. 🙂 xx

  10. I can’t get enough of seeing black & white pictures… I really love them!

    These are also amazing… especially the one with the girl reading a mag in the car and the one sitting (kind of lonely :(?) on the bed… A-mazing!

    xxxo Afrodite

    P.S. I found your nice blog on another blog called ‘ Be In Style’ and I kind of liked it…! It’ll sure take me a lot of time to read all of the posts you’ve ever made, but you’re doing a great job! So I added you to my blog roll 😉

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