Tis a sad, sad day…

But I will start this post off on a positive note, because I am frickin’ loving my Non-Tacky-Nineties-Inspired outfit today!
And it was a complete accident!
White fitted lace mini dress with an oversized boyfriend denim shirt.
I’m just gutted I didn’t wear my yummy ankle boots, because I would’ve been Queen of the World.
Instead I’m wearing patent doll shoes…which are lovely…but not as satisfying as the boots would have been.

Shallow moment over.

My lovely teenage cats can no longer stay with us.
The apartments too small for them and gets too hot during the day.
And we’re having difficulty finding a home for them ourselves because we won’t turf them off to any idiot and we don’t want to separate them.

So I am asking you, my lovely readers, to reach out to ANYONE you know in the Dublin area (or in general Ireland if they’re lovely enough to drive to us) who would be interested in taking them!
This is an all hands on deck situation, so please ask everyone you know!

They're staring at flies on the balcony...my God, they love stalking flies...

Judy is the red-head and she’s a forever-kitten.
Seriously, she doesn’t grow.
She’s tiny and she’s a year old.
She enjoys feathers and strings and sitting on your shoulder while you walk around.
She will be hugged whenever, wherever and will love you A LOT!

Floyd is the boy cat (duh) and is quite the thinker.
He’s prone to crazy-excited fits where he chaces his tail and is generally awesome.
But he’s the responsible one and makes sure Judy is clean and tolerates her pouncing on him.
He loves his routines and will give out to you if you mess them up.
He enjoys hugs and cuddles too.

What we’re looking for is some who will take both cats and who preferably has a house (or a giant apartment).
They aren’t any hassle and the two of them keep each other amused, so you don’t need to be at home to keep them company all the time.
(They do like their evening time cuddles though, so BE THERE)
They’re toilet trained and they’ve been reared on dry food so no smelly tins for you!
I can’t see them getting on with dogs as they’ve been kinda sheltered but they’re fascinated by other cats.
These cats comes with:
Food and Water Dishes (and probably food)
Litter Tray (and probably litter)
Scratching Post
A huge supply of toys
A Hula-Hoop (Floyd likes to sit inside it)

You’d be an idiot to turn these little guys down…



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18 responses to “Tis a sad, sad day…

  1. JGM

    Awh, how cute! Unfortunately, I do not live in Ireland, nor do I know anyone who does. Plus, my dad is allergic to cats. I’m afraid I won’t be of much help, but I wish you luck!

  2. you’ll always be the Queen of My World

  3. Wish I could help m’dear 😦 Such pretty kittens

  4. Good luck! Fingers crossed someone lovely will adopt them. They’re so cute!

  5. If I didn’t own a dog, who is petrified of cats, I’d snap them right up. Cuties.

  6. Have you ever considered going into sales as your profession?!? Because until just now, I was more of a dog person. But that post has made me want to not only ADOPT your cats, but breed the little cuties until I have a house full of the things.

    You know how to tug at the heart strings of doglovers and turn them into cat people. You can rule the world.

    Unfortunately, our lease states that no pets are allowed… 😦 And I’m fairly certain I’m the only thing I’ve ever managed to keep alive for more than a week…xx

  7. Ohh that’s to bad. I can even imagine doing something like this! I just adore my cat! OH

  8. i seriously ❤ judy..and would love to take on floyd too.. shes so beautiful, but I live in india and that is way far off.
    plus.. wanted to let you know that I started off my blog.. u r my inspiration, mam!!

  9. jenniemc

    aw, we had to give up a likkle kitten the other day. when i say ‘we’, i mean my family at home in t’country, so i never actually met this kitten, but i was absolutely devastated when they declared it impossible to look after him. kitty cats seem to have that effect on people…

  10. 😦 wish i could help out darling!!

    (ill happily help your friend out by the way!) xxx

  11. Oh no, I’m so sorry you have to let them go and I wish I lived in Ireland to help out

  12. Sad times, I am sorry you have to do this 😦

    On another note, outfit photos?

  13. Kar

    I would love to help out … if only I weren’t horibbly allergic to cats. And highly incapable of keeping things alive.
    *see goldfishies one to twelve … ahem*

  14. K

    I just sent you an email… we might be able to help you out! Happy days!

  15. Hopefully your kitties find a happy home! (yn):D

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