I look at you and take a picture with my hands

Please keep looking for a home for my poor kitties!!
Even if you can’t take them, you still have parents and grandparents and siblings and friends and aunts and uncles that you can hound!!!!!

Yes that white blob on the building IS a person....

I was a little down at the prospect of having to give up my lovely teenage cats yesterday, so I decided to take my mind off it by hanging out with My Boys (pronounced Maaa Booooys).
One of them was being lame and didn’t show up, but the lovely Isaac and not-so-lovely Stephen entertained me for the evening.

Isaac surpised me with a “Hey so I live in an apartment now” when I met up with him.
Me: “Wait, you moved out of home!?”
Isaac: “Yeah, didn’t I tell you?”
Me: “NO! Why didn’t I know this?”
Isaac: “Oh well me and Kevin decided not to actually tell people and just drop it into conversations…”

These are the kind of people I’ve to deal with.

So we headed to Temple Bar (the cooooolest area in Dublin) to check out his new Criiiib!
Twas quite lovely.
The two guys built a giant blackboard for their kitchen which I am SO planning to steal!
*insert evil laugh here*

Then we took a trip to the roof.
Yes the roof.
And no, it’s not a nice roof top gathering area.
It’s just the roof.
And Isaac and Stephen decided to run around, climbing onto different roofs and scaling walls (see picture on the right).

I stayed on the safe roof, since I was wearing a mini dress and pretty shoes.
Next time, I’m bringing my climbing shoes.
Note to self: Buy Climbing Shoes

Tis nice to know I now have somewhere to hang out that’s a 10min walk from my work place!

And if you think THAT was strange and cool and random, well after that we headed to Isaac’s laser lab where he’s building his Doomsday device (people should avoid a certain Dublin City college, btw) and played with lasers.
And by “played with lasers”, I mean, Nerdy Isaac demonstrated safe laser usage while we stood there looking awesome is space-worthy laser goggles!

Frickin’ Sweet.



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13 responses to “I look at you and take a picture with my hands

  1. eh i wanna play with lazers!

  2. oh how lovely!!! that roof rules!

  3. Zakerius

    Haha, “Nerdy Isaac”, damn straight, I don’t want to blind my friends with lasers.
    (thanks for the linkage!)
    Glad it took your mind off the kittens! Always a great time hanging out with you!

  4. Kevin

    Steal my food eh? hmmmm i’ll have to see about this.

  5. I want a blackboard. And I wanna play with lasers!

  6. Fun! My old apartment had a rooftop my friends and I would sometimes sneak up to. It was great to see our city from that height.

  7. If I lived nearby, I’d take one of your kitties! 🙂

    Also, I wish I had a cool rooftop to go and climb. The pictures are amazing! xD

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